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Robo Cops

Robots have played a role in the military for some time. But in the future we will see a growing presence of robots used in the law enforcement, as well.

The robot maker Robotex, which is partially backed by PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel, has deployed its AVATAR robots across the U.S.

SWAT teams, first responders and other law enforcement use the devices to quickly assess dangerous situations to help them engage in action.

But soon, police officials won't be the only ones using robots to monitor their surroundings. Telepresence robots—which are robots used to allow humans to be in more than one place—will enable humans to monitor situations in different places from remote locations.

Robotex also makes robots for people to use at their home so they can see what is going on while they are not there. But people won't just use telepresence robots to check security at their house, they will also use the technology for work and for entertainment, Nourbakhsh said.

Source: Robotex