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Carol Bartz, Yahoo

Carol Bartz became CEO of Yahoo in January 2009, and immediately made a name for herself with her potty mouth. One of the first things she did when she took over the beleaguered company was let everyone on the staff know that if anyone leaked company secrets, she would “drop-kick” them “to f---ing Mars.”

With her reputation preceding her, she was interviewed by TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington. In what was possibly an attempt to ingratiate himself to her, he started off the interview by asking her “How the f--- are you?” Unimpressed, Bartz pressed on with the interview, but became increasingly annoyed by his criticisms of the company. She shut him down by telling him that he was “involved in a very tiny company" and ended the interview by telling him to “f--- off.”

When news of the outburst got out, it actually won Bartz respect. Tech blogger Guy Kawasaki, upon hearing of the exchange, tweeted, "I respect Carol Bartz even more now."

Photo: Getty Images