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The World’s Largest Yachts 2013

The world’s super yachts are some of the biggest and most expensive toys of the super rich, floating palaces with unique features that can carry price tags into the hundreds of millions.

Super yachts are privately-owned vessels that have professional crews and are found in the greatest abundance in the Mediterranean, Caribbean and the Middle East.

Each year, SuperYachts.com compiles a list of the largest yachts on the water, giving owners the bragging rights of having one of the world’s largest boats, and at times, competing with each other.

Due to the highly secretive nature that yacht builders and shipyards work under, details have been kept hush-hush, but speculation has run wild at the prospect of the world’s next largest yacht, coming in around 590 feet (nearly two football fields long), eclipsing the current number one by nearly 54 feet. We do know that it is being built by Lurssen and that it has an estimated price tag $622 million.
So, which super yachts rank as the largest in 2013? Click ahead to find out!

By Joseph O'Dell, Morgan Giordano, and Paul Toscano
Updated 12th July 2013

Photo: Colin Anderson | Blend Images | Getty Images