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Epic Twitter Feuds

Keith Olbermann and Piers Morgan

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Keith Olbermann vs. Piers Morgan

Keith Olbermann and Piers Morgan got into their most recent Twitter feud during the 2012 Iowa caucus, when CNN talk show host Morgan poked fun at the fact that Olbermann, then the head of the news department at Current, would not be discussing the caucus on television that night. Olbermann responded with a jab at Morgan's involvement in the News of the World scandal, and some contemptuous banter ensued.

However, the scathing words exchanged in this feud may have been fueled by a past Twitter interaction between the two news personalities. In April 2011, Olbermann took to Twitter to

at an interview on "Piers Morgan Tonight" that resulted in former Tea Party senate candidate Christine O'Donnell walking out. Olbermann and Morgan subsequently went head-to-head in a Twitter battle over—what else?—viewers. It seems that old habits really do die hard.

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