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James Martin of Copa Di Vino on the ‘Shark Tank' effect

James Martin is president and founder of Copa Di Vino, the second largest winery in Oregon. He appeared on "Shark Tank" twice, and walked away from a deal for his wine-by-the-glass product twice.

But like a lot of other people who have left the show without an investor, his appearance on the show changed things. This is known as the " 'Shark Tank' effect."

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"The night of the airing of our episode we had over 300 investor phone calls come in," he told CNBC.com. "By the end of that week, we had over a thousand. We had about 10,000 hits to our website every minute. It was insane."

Adam Jeffery | CNBC

Martin said that in the first six weeks, he had been approached by more than 1,000 investors. He added that between both of his appearances on the show, the company website had 36 million views, numbers that any small company would kill to have. But what does this mean in terms of the only number that really matters—dollars?

"We've had phenomenal growth," he said. "We have revenues of almost $25 million as a company in three years. We're in Wal-Mart, Madison Square Garden ... their sales are up over 30 percent. Radio City Music Hall. There's a lot of NFL locations where it's been fantastic."

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Martin said that he's hoping to double his numbers in 2014. In all, it transformed his business to a degree that would be difficult to replicate through traditional channels.

"If you have an opportunity to be on that show I would go on that show," he said.