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Q&A with the brothers who went from 'naive' to $1 million

The Mastronardo brothers - Kyle, DJ, Keith (KJ), Danny
Source: Nardo’s Natural
The Mastronardo brothers - Kyle, DJ, Keith (KJ), Danny

When the four brothers behind Nardo's Natural went on "Shark Tank" in 2012, panelist Robert Herjavec said they looked like a singing group. However, they had lofty ambitions for their skin care business, projecting that sales would go from $30,000 to $4.8 million in just two years.

They asked for $75,000 for a 12 percent stake, but for the most part, the sharks didn't appreciate their optimistic projections. However, Barbara Corcoran said she loved their "stupid naiveté," and offered them $75,000 for a 50 percent stake. She also demanded that they change the name.

They accepted.

Two years later, how close have the brothers come to reaching their goal? And how did the company name remain unchanged?

Check out the Q&A with Nardo's Natural's vice president Danny Mastronardo below.

Nardo’s Natural daily facial care line
Source: Nardo’s Natural
Nardo’s Natural daily facial care line

What were the key words in your pitch that you think made the Sharks connect with your concept?

Partnership, family, strategic growth, American dream.

What has been the financial impact on your business since being on "Shark Tank?"

Our family business sales quadrupled within three months of appearing on "Shark Tank."

If Barbara asked you to change your name, have you? And if not, why not?

Barbara had a genius plan to mention the Nardo's Natural name several times during the segment. This caused a large amount of attention and we received hundreds of emails from fans saying "Keep the name!" This was a great marketing tactic on Barbara's behalf.

What's your financial forecast?

In 2014, we are on track to surpass the million dollar mark with flying colors. Nardo's Natural is expanding distribution in retail outlets throughout the country including mega-retailers such as Shop Rite.

What would you advise other small business owners about making a pitch to the sharks?

Stand out from the group. Our company was asked to submit a two minute video explaining our business. Instead, I left the camera rolling when my brothers weren't aware and the producers fell in love with our family-oriented appeal and that true bond that unveiled in the video!

By Jill Weinberger and Liza Hughes

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