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Q&A with Dominque Barteet and her $20 million shoe company

Onesole displayed on the show "Shark Tank."
Source: OneSole | Facebook
Onesole displayed on the show "Shark Tank."

A Q&A with Dominique McClain Barteet, founder and CEO of Onesole. A full-time pharmacist, she fills prescription orders and shoe orders at her Palm Beach, Fla., headquarters. She went into the tank looking for $500,000 for a 20 percent stake in her company and walked out one of the most successful entrepreneurs on the show.

What was it about your pitch that appealed to the sharks?

I think the sharks liked my pitch, because Onesole is a unique patented product that already had proven sales of over $20 million. Also, I think they were intrigued that I was a pharmacist running two completely different businesses. I needed their help, since I make them in America with small margins and it just continues to expand.

When/how did you make the decision to go full time with shoes and leave the pharmacy behind?

I am actually still running my pharmacy in my shoe factory, because I have not had time to sell it being so overwhelmed with the shoes.

What has it been like working with Daymond John?

Daymond has been great to work with and is very accessible when you need him. He will return your call or email within the hour even at 2 a.m. I actually met him one time at 1 a.m. in his NYC office when I was in town. He is still trying to convince me to license, but I just can't grasp licensing.

Were there any scenes that were shot that didn't make it into the final show?

There were a lot of scenes that were cut, since I filmed for over an hour. They were all trying to figure me out, since I had two businesses, two houses, two factories, married same guy twice. Barbara said "what is this: the 'Shrink Tank' or 'Shark Tank?'" Daymond had me turn down Mr. Wonderful twice, since I do everything twice.

What was it like when your "Shark Tank" episode first aired? And what happens when it re-airs?

It was completely insane when our episode aired. Of course the site went down several times even with two websites. We had over half a million hits and thousands of orders and emails following the airing. I even had two different sets of Russians show up in my lobby the next day wanting to sell in Russia. Daymond has helped me with the onslaught of big and scary players constantly coming at me after airing. Before airing, we were in 20 countries and now we are in over 80.

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