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The Chef in Black dishes on what it's like to work with Barbara

Dorene Humason, The Chef in Black
Source: Chef in Black
Dorene Humason, The Chef in Black

After not being able to find a salad dressing she was happy with, Dorene Humason decided to come up with her own line. Feeling that she had something very unique, Humason appeared on "Shark Tank" and made a deal with Barbara Corcoran for 35 percent.

Check out the Q&A with Humason below and find out how she came up with recipe, what it's like to work with Corcoran, and what she has been up to since.

How did you get into making salad dressings?

I couldn't find a good Asian dressing in the grocery stores so I went on a mission to create a perfect recipe to make at home. After making many trips to different Asian markets and buying every spice I could find; I experimented in my kitchen after work for months. After 18 different recipes, I created what I believe is the Asian spice mix from the heavens. Since I had 28 years of experience selling products to grocery store buyers I decided to take my unique blend to market. I acquired 1,400 grocery stores in my first year!

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Why did you want to go onto "Shark Tank?"

I wanted to expand my line to a bottled dressing and was looking for a way to finance it. My sister saw a story on "Good Morning America" about a new show from Mark Burnett called "Shark Tank." I didn't even know what it was. She thought my story and wonderful product had potential to be on the show, and I could then get the money I desperately needed to grow my business. I did some research and agreed with her but the casting calls had already ended. Since they were still accepting emails I sent my story into their casting email thinking it was a long shot! When I got the call from their casting director I almost passed out!!

Source: Chef in Black

Can you provide a little behind the scenes information on what happened after the show?

Barbara Corcoran and her team contacted me right away and were absolutely wonderful! Barbara is a great businesswoman with high integrity! How lucky I was to get her support!

One of the things the sharks mentioned is that they felt that the branding was mixed. Was this something that you adjusted after the show?

Yes, they were right! I have changed my packaging three times since the show (UGH!). I am really happy with the packaging now in which I have kept the branding clean! My sales are taking off because of change. Take a look at the pictures I have attached! It was great advice from the sharks!

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If you were to go on the show now, would you do anything differently?

"Shark Tank" was a brand new show and had not even aired yet. I went on the Internet and found anything and everything I could on "The Dragon's Den" so I would be ready. I felt I did as well as I could have under the circumstance. Of course when I watch the show I see where I made some mistakes and would love to take a stab at it again but overall I was happy with the fact that I was very prepared for any question they had for me. I wish a couple more sharks had made me an offer but I loved the experience! I would do it again!

What has been the financial impact of being on "Shark Tank"?

When "Shark Tank" aired I had so much new business I had to hire six new people right away! I am now in Wal-Mart, Kroger's, SaveMart, Lucky's, Raley's, Nugget, etc. We have a really strong support on the West Coast and Northwest! The next step is national! Now that people have realized what a great show "Shark Tank" is, it continues to be a gift for anyone of us whose episode was fortunate to air. People love to hear about my experience, and I love to share it. I am very grateful for being on "Shark Tank" and the opportunities it has given me and my business!

By CNBC's Jill Weinberger

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