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America's most expensive states in 2014

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3. Connecticut

Noah Webster, the author of the first American dictionary, was born in West Hartford, Connecticut, making it an appropriate place to review the definition of expensive. Even your breakfast in the third most expensive state will cost more than most in the Lower 48: A pound of bananas here, for instance, will set you back nearly $1—more than one and a half times the national average and only slightly less than Hawaii and Alaska.

  • 2014 Cost of Living rank: #48 (3rd most expensive)
  • 2014 Cost of Living score: 3 (out of 50)
  • 2013 Cost of Living rank: #48 (3rd most expensive)
  • Avg. home price (Stamford Metro): $597,977
  • Half gallon of milk: $2.50
  • Pound of ground beef: $3.95
  • Monthly energy bill: $232.74
  • Doctor visit: $116.64
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