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How to get VIP treatment in Vegas with Daymond John of 'Shark Tank'

The numbers are staggering.

More than 1,600 guest rooms, a penthouse suite spanning over 3,300 square feet and nine restaurants, all under one roof, with only one owner. It all adds up to make the new SLS Las Vegas unique among all the hotels lining the Strip.

SLS Las Vegas
Source: SLS Las Vegas

The old "Rat Pack" hangout formerly known as the Sahara has been transformed by the SBE Entertainment Group into the SLS Las Vegas. Daymond John of "Shark Tank" got a preview tour with SBE President Sam Bakhshandehpour just days before the Aug. 23 opening.

"This is the only hotel-casino on the Strip which has every single hotel brand, restaurants, nightlife venues, owned and controlled by SBE Entertainment," Bakhshandehpour said.

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The Sayers Club inside the SLS will be part nightclub and part live music venue, offering a variety of options for customers.

"How random is that for you to have the Rat Pack experience where the old Sahara was?" asked John.

"Look it starts and ends with the people," Bakhshandehpour said. "This is a people business. You can hire the best designers, bring the best chefs from around the world ... but if you're hiring third party where people don't feel that ownership? Or belonging to something bigger? You're going to get a disjointed experience."

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The tour also included a peek at the Bazaar Meat by Jose Andres restaurant, the third collaboration between the James Beard award-winning chef and SBE.

"I think you have shown me a lot about your current business and you've made me feel good about the practices of synergistically putting things together," John said. "You understand giving your customer exactly what they need and a great experience."

—By Liza Hughes, special to CNBC

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