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No tricks, but lots of denim: A 'Magic' show with Daymond John

New York City may be hip-deep in Fashion Week right now, but in Las Vegas, runway shows are so last month.

In August, the casino mecca played host to the Magic Marketplace—a trade show for men's and women's apparel that hosts such fashion events as Project, The Tents and MVMNT. It attracts more than 65,000 guests and sees over $200 million change hands every day.

Daymond John walked the floor, taking in the denim, the leather and the fabulousness. He met Monsieur Jerome, a French fashion blogger who was charged with curating TMRW, where 10 handpicked, up-and-coming designers display their lines.

Daymond John, of "Shark Tank" with Peter Kim, the Founder/CEO of Hudson Jeans.
Liza Hughes | CNBC
Daymond John, of "Shark Tank" with Peter Kim, the Founder/CEO of Hudson Jeans.

"Monsieur Jerome is an influencer and a blogger that Project has hired, and he consults with them and he finds the hottest designers all around the globe," John said.

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One of the lines Jerome selected, Baffi Collection, makes wooden pocket squares. TMRW offers them a chance to be seen by fashion buyers beyond their native Toronto.

"We're trying to push the sales in the U.S. markets," Jerome said. "Project is the biggest trade show in the U.S. This is the biggest push that they can get here."

More established brands also trek to Vegas for this event. Hudson Jeans was there, and John pointed out what made CEO and creator Peter Kim so successful.

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"When a woman wears a size 12, there are actually 17 different sizes of size 12," he said. "The butt's too long, the crotch is too small, the ankles, everything else. So Peter has to actually be an architect of the human body. And one thing about womenno matter what the jean is, if their tushy doesn't look right, they're not wearing it."

Liberty Fairs was another part of the show that took place at the world-famous Sands. It was here that John caught up with Etonic, an American athletic brand that was launched in 1876.

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John bought the brand two years ago, and is bringing back its most famous shoe, the Hakeem the Dream, named for 1984 first-round draft pick, Hakeem Olajuwon. Not only is the player in the NBA Hall of Fame; the shoe is, too.

"This was the shoe that made it all, this is the shoe that actually created the industry," John said. "This shoe proved the fact that athletes were viable and they can actually convert into sales."

Starting September 22, you can see the sharks in action every weeknight. Get ready for Shark Tank nation, five nights a week.