Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng

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Daphne Koller

Title: Rajeev Motwani professor of computer science, Stanford University; co-founder, Coursera

Born: August 27, 1968, Jerusalem, Israel

Education: BA and MS, Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Ph.D., Stanford University

Early Marker: Awarded MacArthur Foundation Fellowship

Big Idea: Using probabilistic models and machine learning to understand complex, highly uncertain problems in computer vision and in computational biology and medicine.

Wave of the Future: Artificial intelligence, machine learning, online education, biosciences

Andrew Ng

Title: Chief scientist, Baidu; director, Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab; co-founder and chairman, Coursera

Born: April 18, 1976, London

Education: BS in computer science, Carnegie Mellon University; MS in computer science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

Early Marker: Founded Google's Google Brain project; led development of Stanford University's Massive Open Online Courses

Big Idea: Machine learning and very large-scale artificial neural networks able to learn from labeled and unlabeled data.

Wave of the Future: Artificial intelligence, machine learning, online education, biosciences

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