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The secret's out...and on your plate!

Ever do a double take when you heard the person standing in front of you ask for the Monster Mac at McDonald's, the Frito Pie at Sonic or the power steak lettuce wraps at Panera Bread?

Many of these "secret" menu items first began as items concocted by restaurant employees or customers. Others are discontinued former menu items that are still available for those in the know.

Restaurants sell these off-menu items and use them as marketing tools that make customers who feel like insiders want to share the information with their friends.

But in a contradictory move, many of these companies are showcasing these secret menus on their own websites. Mama Fu's "Black Market Menu" is one example of this. (The company's Ma La Stir Fry is shown here.)

The trend is being driven by restaurants that want to speed up the process for filling complicated orders and to cater to dietary preferences.

Click ahead to see some of the most interesting secret menu items we could find.

By CNBC's Katie Little
Updated 15 April 2015
Posted 8 April 2013

Source: Mama Fu's