The Big Crunch

Microsoft got LinkedIn's users at a discount

Microsoft's $26.2 billion deal to acquire LinkedIn came at a time when the professional social network's users were valued at less than ever before.

Before the deal's announcement Monday, the market's valuation of a unique visitor on LinkedIn was languishing around $165. That's the lowest price in the company's history for each unique visiting member — a metric comparable to the monthly active users reported by companies like Twitter and Facebook.

The same is true for total registered members, another metric that records anyone who has ever made a LinkedIn profile. (CNBC calculated per user value by dividing the company's market value by the unique visiting members reported for each quarter.)

LinkedIn suffered a vicious stock market rout of more than 40 percent in February after issuing weak guidance for the next year. Microsoft's offer propped up the stock with a 50 percent premium, placing the value of each of the company's 106 million visiting members at $247 each. That's a big boost, but still 10 percent lower than the company's average over its lifetime.

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