Burr backtracks, says Senate intel panel hasn't received response on Flynn subpoena

Sen. Richard Burr, walking back an earlier statement, said Thursday that former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn's lawyers had yet to indicate how they'd respond to a subpoena related to the Senate Intelligence Committee's Russia investigation.

"General Flynn's attorneys have not yet indicated their intentions regarding the Senate Intelligence Committee's subpoena," the Republican chairman of the panel said in a statement. "Consistent with the Committee's position since the beginning of or investigation, I welcome their willingness to cooperate."

Earlier Thursday, Burr said a lawyer for Flynn informed the Senate Intelligence Committee he will not honor its subpoena for private documents.

Burr told reporters earlier Thursday about the response from Flynn's lawyer. Burr says the panel's members are not surprised and says, "We'll figure out on Gen. Flynn what the next step, if any, is."

The committee is one of several on Capitol Hill investigating possible collusion between Russia and President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign.

Flynn was ousted earlier this year from his senior administration job.