CNBC Disruptor 50

Meet the 2019 CNBC Disruptor 50 companies

In the seventh annual Disruptor 50 list, CNBC features private companies — from biotech and machine learning to transportation, retail and agriculture — whose innovations are changing the world and fueling a race between superpowers like the U.S. and China. These forward-thinking start-ups have not only identified unexploited niches in the market that have the potential to become billion-dollar businesses, a majority of them already are billion-dollar businesses. A startling 36 disruptors this year are unicorns that have already reached or passed the billion-dollar mark.

Unseating corporate giants is no easy feat. But we ranked those venture capital–backed companies doing the best job. In aggregate, these 50 companies have raised over $46 billion in venture capital at an implied Disruptor 50 list market valuation of more than $266 billion, according to PitchBook data. Many already are part of our daily lives, whether or not we know it. Read more about the trends that stand out in the 2019 list ranking — from the future of farming and residential real estate to the battles for control in the rapidly growing artificial intelligence and genetics industries — and the methodology used to select this year's Disruptor companies.

1Indigo AgA better way to feed the planet
2Didi ChuxingChina's uber-disruptor
3The We CompanyWe is the world
4GrabSoutheast Asia's super app
5Rent the RunwayNow rent the living room too
6GoodRxLeading the fight against high prescription drug costs
7AirbnbHotel everywhere
8CasperBed in a box
9PelotonOn-demand workouts
10XiaohongshuChina’s trendspotting app
11ConvoyKeep on trucking
12InMobiUnlocked content at a glance
13StripeGlobal e-payments
14KabbageQuick money for small businesses
15LanzaTechTransporting the world to a low-carbon future
16TextioA.I. for help-wanted ads
17PhononicQuietly cool
18DoorDashFood, faster
19Ginkgo BioworksMade-to-order biology
20YITU TechnologyEyes everywhere
21Coursera50% off master's degrees
22CLEARI know your face
23TransferWiseBorderless money exchange
24FlexportMoving $1 trillion in freight forward
25FanaticsDress like a champion today
26SoFiSo far, 600,000 members, $30 billion in loans
27Impossible FoodsHome of the plant-based Whopper
28DuolingoGōntan ao ūndegon Tymptir Dēmalȳti mōrī bantis?
29Virta HealthReversing diabetes
30ProgynyHelping families form
31SkillzYou've got (e)game
32CohesityBetter backup in the cloud
33AffirmBuy now, pay later
34PalantirDo you want to know a secret?
35OpendoorLow-stress home sales
36AirtableNext-generation workplace collaboration
37LemonadeRefreshing take on home insurance
38NianticThe wand chooses the wizard
39Zipline InternationalLifesaving drones
40NautoKeeping drivers in focus until we don't need drivers
41LISNRUltrasonic connections
42SynackThe ethical edge of hacking
43HouzzA $4 billion house
44Veritas GeneticsThe doctor will see your genetic test results now
45EllevestYes, she can
4623andMeScience-based rationales for all your quirks
47RobinhoodThe stock market's fair trade
48Apeel SciencesInvincible avocados!
49UptakeIdentifying success inside potential failures
50C3.aiIt's all connected