Retirement 401(k)

  • Stressed couple reviewing documents

    Blackstone's president and a New School economist say it's time to take this looming retirement crisis seriously.

  • Get rid of money madness

    Feel like your finances are in a mess? CNBC’s Sharon Epperson gives you the tools to do a quick clean-up and get them in order in three easy steps.

  • Millions of Americans struggle to save in their 401(k)s, but there's a hidden danger: having too much in the accounts.

  • Tax calculator

    Only a small minority of eligible taxpayers are aware of this key retirement-related tax benefit.

  • Protecting your nest egg

    If you're really nervous about the market, I would lighten up now rather than later, explains Jonathan Clements, author of "Jonathan Clements Money Guide 2016," in providing strategies for savers.

  • 401(k) reality check

    Robert Johnson, RLJ Companies, discusses the importance making retirement plans portable.

  • financial bubble NYSE

    Hypergrowth in ETF Index funds is posing a big market risk, experts warn. It's time for investors to look at diversifying their holdings.

  • The breakdown: Josh Brown's 401k advice

    In a new segment called "The Breakdown," FMHR trader Josh Brown discusses the key differences between retirement investing versus trading.

  • Financial Targets 2016

    To build wealth this year, start saving early to build cash reserves, and reexamine your asset mix and risk-management strategy.

  • A new year, a new you!

    This is the year that you’ve decided you will retire! Here are three moves to make now before you leave your job.

  • Are these hidden fees taking a bite out of your 401(k)?

    Fees are hidden in plain sight, says Tom Zgainer, America's Best 401K CEO, discussing the hidden costs in retirement plans that cost Americans more than $17 billion each year and can reduce overall savings by as much as 60 percent.

  • 401(k) plans: What you need to know

    Financial advisors Lazetta Rainey Braxton and Shannon Eusey caution savers to maximize 401(k) opportunities and avoid tapping their savings too early.

  • Three biggest money mistakes

    Life strategist Tony Robbins discusses the top three money mistakes people make. Not saving enough, not maximizing 401(k) opportunities and not "retooling" your career skill set can destroy your financial freedom.

  • This mistake cost one worker nearly $800,000

    Marlene Roth, a longtime employee of MCI and Worldcom kept a big chunk of her portfolio invested in company stock. When the company filed for bankruptcy she lost nearly all of her non-401(k) investments. Now, she’s warning others not to make the same mistake.

  • Improve your financial life

    Life strategist and author Tony Robbins offers three tips for improving your financial life: saving more, maximizing 401(k) plans and reducing stress.

  • US economy chugging along: Expert

    Tony James, Blackstone president & COO, shares his thoughts on the health of the US economy, markets and China.

  • Reinventing retirement savings: Blackrock COO

    Tony James, Blackstone president & COO, talks about his proposal to tackle the looming retirement crisis in the U.S. by replacing the traditional 401(k) with guaranteed retirement accounts.

  • Reasons to pick a Roth 401k

    It's all about the time value of money, explains Matt Sommer, Janus director of retirement strategy, in discussing the value of compounding your savings.

  • Millennials are getting savvier with their 401K plans

    A Vanguard study shows more millennials today are participating in 401K plans, compared to a decade ago.

  • Tony Robbins breaks down your 401(k) fees

    Hidden fees in retirement plans are confusing and a major problem for retirement savers, according to life strategist and author Tony Robbins.