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  • Among those young people coming of age today, we can see a shift in goals from just a few years ago. Gifting is creative: kids donating their big events for causes rather than spending on lavish parties. There’s less desire among graduates to plunge into big-money-making endeavors rather, there is genuine interest in giving back.

  • mm_ad.jpg

    So kudos to the folks at M&M's who came up with a really cool idea by dressing up Larry Bird and Magic Johnson as M&M's.

  • $0: Amount that North Dakota State will make from the NCAA for playing in the tournament. When the team joined the Summit League, it agreed to wait until 2010 to receive a half of a share of postseason money and 2011 to get their full share.

  • With the March Madness brackets set, we're breaking down the best names you'll hear during this year's NCAA basketball tournament. Actually, some of these names might not get called, as anyone on a roster on a team that made "The Big Dance" was eligible.

  • Downsizing

    We were wrapping up our Friday when we saw this YouTube clip referenced in the SportsBusiness Daily. It's a video made by Ben Gullett, the 14-year-old son of Mark Gullett, a marketing director of the Tampa Bay Lightning who recently got laid off.

  • Tiger Woods

    When Tiger Woods returned from knee surgery a couple weeks ago, it seemed a bit strange that virtually everyone thought he immediately would be in championship form.

  • robinson_nate_nyc_ad.jpg

    New York Knicks guard Nate Robinson is quickly turning into a marketing icon. After all, it's hard to avoid the little guy when he puts up 30 points every night.

  • Tim Finchem

    Earlier today, I spoke with PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem about golf and the economy and Capitol Hill's reaction to bailed out banks sponsoring tournaments.

  • Panini Group

    A couple months ago, we were surprised to see that the NBA awarded the exclusive rights to its trading card business to Italian company Panini. Today, Panini announced it has acquired Donruss Playoff, the second oldest card company in the United States.

  • As of this morning, the average Final Four ticket on StubHub is going for $446. How cheap is that? Well, here are the last three averages from the secondary ticket company.

  • sobieski_vodka.jpg

    Long before the first economists began forecasting a recession, and the markets spiraled downward, Sobieski Vodka launched their "Truth in Vodka" campaign, with the pitch that consumers don't have to pay a "king's ransom" to drink a quality vodka. The message apparently has struck a chord.

  • Our Darren Rovell has been all over the decision by Kellogg's to not renew a contract with Olympian Michael Phelps, a contract which put the swimmer's face on boxes of Corn Flakes and Frosted Flakes.

  • adidas_shoe_red_black.jpg

    Some of the biggest endorsers of Adidas never went to college. So the shoe and apparel company is hoping to grab attention by putting college jerseys on the four players who went straight from high school to the NBA.

  • The company continues to breach contracts as its assets are frozen due to the SEC probe and that means that anyone that has a deal with Stanford can disassociate from the firm.

  • At a time when so many companies are dispensing with meaningful guidance of any kind, eBay is taking the unusual step of offering guidance 3 years out. Not specific, quarter-to-quarter numbers, mind you, but sign posts investors can use to gauge the progress of its turnaround strategy.

  • shopper_price.jpg

    There's been plenty of press about how consumers are trading down, but it's not just that simple, according to Mintel Senior Research Analyst Marcia Mogelonsky.

  • When Kellogg’s announced last month that they would not renew Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, they issued a statement essentially saying that his pot-smoking ways didn’t jive with the values of their company.

  • In the past, this site has served as a watchdog of sorts for bad sports commercials. Well, unfortunately for the people at DirecTV, they might want to reconsider making some changes to their "Mega March Madness" package commercial.

  • Dallas Cowboys

    Yesterday, the Dallas Cowboys unveiled the first finished luxury suite at their new stadium. To save time and money, they might want to stop work on some of those, including the league’s first ever field level suites.

  • The Million Dollar Arm

    A couple weeks ago, I told the story of Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel, the two pitchers that the Pittsburgh Pirates signed from India after they competed in a reality show called “The Million Dollar Arm.”