Media Advertising

  • It’s the third month of our rankings that seek to determine the best tweeters in the sports world. As noted in our previous rankings, the idea is to call attention to the people who consistently put out the most relevant tweets - not necessarily the people with the most followers.

  • As the corporate dollar has been drained, the perception is that athletes have had a tougher time scoring sponsorship deals as companies have cut back budgets.

  • Ally's Pony commercial

    How do you change your image if you're a bank, tied to an automaker, in the middle of a recession blamed on banks? You roll out your secret weapons: Cute kids—and a pony! But are those kids in the Ally commercials really acting?

  • Harry and Louise Commercial

    Harry and Louise have changed their minds about health care reform. The fictional suburban couple featured in a series of national television spots sponsored by the health insurance industry in 1993 and 1994 stoked fears that helped doom a government-created health plan promoted by a Democratic president, Bill Clinton.

  • Jordan logo

    Last night, we told you that Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade was on the cusp of switching from the Converse to the Jordan brand. This morning that move will become official.

  • nfl_logo_1.jpg

    For years, new owners who bought NFL teams would marvel at the idea of a team’s huge waiting list. After all, how many businesses sell out everything they have and have people waiting, for years, at the door for the right to buy when something becomes available?

  • Dwayne Wade

    In a move that could rock the athletic shoe industry, Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade is said to be on the cusp of switching Nike brands from Converse to the Jordan brand, CNBC has learned.

  • MGM Studios

    Historic studio MGM has been the subject of lots of rumors and speculation about its financial health.

  • Poker

    The World Series of Poker has turned into a tremendous property for ESPN over the years. It’s basically the sporting world’s version of the lottery, with a little bit more skill attached.

  • doctor

    Two congressmen who are tackling the new healthcare legislation don't want to go too far in implementing potential solutions, however.

  • The Under Armor "recharge" recovery suit

    Under Armour has made a living out of growing niche markets into big industries. But I was shocked when I was flipping through a catalogue last week and saw an ad for Recharge.

  • Here's a shocker for the struggling newspaper industry: good news! The largest US newspaper publisher, Gannett, beat analyst estimates with earnings of 46 cents per share (excluding some items), eight cents higher than analysts estimates, sending the stock higher in Wednesday trading.

  • Iphone using

    There’s no shortage of companies turning to Twitter and other social media websites to promote their brands. But the trend hasn't created many new jobs—at least not yet.

  • Time Warner and Comcast's partnership to bring cable TV content to the Internet is adding more big brand-name partners.

  • MLB ballpark attendance changes chart

    It’s the All-Star Game and that gives us a perfect time to discuss how Major League Baseball is doing from a business standpoint. The most obvious, public evidence is attendance, which is easy to tally but often misreported.

  • Billy Mays

    The pitchman Billy Mays died last month, but on television he continues to hawk do-it-yourself home repair kits and yard tools day and night.

  • President Barack Obama

    You can bet on everything these days. As evidence, consider this bet that was called to our attention for tonight’s All-Star Game in St. Louis.

  • GM Headquarters

    In order to emerge from bankruptcy protection, General Motors had the legal right to reject contracts that it had previously signed. GM has now emerged from bankruptcy, but 54 sponsorship agreements it terminated as part of the bankruptcy were filed with the courts yesterday. Here’s a glimpse at what the car company got rid of.

  • LPGA07_Logo_solid.jpg

    Carolyn Bivens certainly wasn’t the greatest commissioner in the world. Far from it. But to blame her for the LPGA's biggest problems is misleading.

  • facebook.jpg

    Now Facebook employees (past and present) have an opportunity to cash out some of their stock, lifting some of the pressure on the company to go public.