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  • paramount_logo1.jpg

    Since the news broke that Paramount is delaying the release of its Martin Scorsese thriller "Shutter Island" from October until February, I've talked to a lot of Hollywood insiders about what this says about Paramount's weakness. I've also heard plenty of rants about how this delay speaks to exactly what's wrong with the hundreds of millions of dollars spent every year on movie marketing.

  • youtube_new_logo.jpg

    Most of the videos YouTube is most famous for -- the wild animal battle at Kruger National Park, the skateboarding bulldog-- haven't been monetized until now. I just broke the news that YouTube is rolling out its partner program to include uploaders of viral hits. YouTube's partner program strikes revenue-sharing deals with the site's regular uploaders of popular content. But many of the site's most popular videos are one-hit-wonders, and now YouTube as well as the uploaders will be able to cash in.

  • Yesterday, AirTran  announced that the airline was now the official airline of the Atlanta Falcons. The deal includes signage in the Georgia Dome, a Falcons themed plane and use of Falcons players in their advertising. The one thing it didn’t include? Actually flying the team.

  • Fantasy Football

    An insurance company in Long Island is offering insurance on your fantasy football season. And we can’t say we here at “SportsBiz” are too surprised.

  • It seems like every day there's more news about the demise of print; Readers Digest is the latest storied publication to file for bankruptcy. So that's why I thought it the press release I received this morning detailing a new publication from the Observer Media Group was either a mistake or a joke.

  • Pete Rose

    Twenty years ago, when then commissioner Bart Giamatti banned Pete Rose from baseball, he not only ruined his chance to be inducted into Cooperstown’s hallowed halls, but also hurt his revenue stream.

  • Dow Jones is reportedly shopping around its stock market indexes, working with Goldman Sachs to investigate finding a joint venture or a flat-out buyer.

  • Avatar

    To fanboys across the country today is "Avatar Day": 20th Century Fox is giving a free, sneak peek at 16 minutes of James Cameron's much anticipated film. The movie doesn't come out until December 18, but needless to say, there's already incredible buzz.

  • Thomas Reynolds Ad

    When James Blake takes the court at the US Open in a couple weeks, he’ll be wearing his new Fila line. But unlike any athlete before him, the logo doesn’t spell out his initials or show a symbolic silhouette.

  • Sony spent $60 million dollars acquiring the rights to the last footage of Michael Jackson and now it has a plan to get its money worth.

  • These days anyone with an iPhone is a citizen journalist. And that makes the Southeastern Conference, which has a $3 billion plus, 15-year contract with CBS and ESPN very, very scared.

  • SECsports.com

    Whoever is making up the rules at the SEC, and in this case I mean the Southeastern Conference, should probably learn why blogs are successful before they make useless edicts.

  • The battle between video rental kiosk business Redbox and the movie studios is heating up. Redbox, which is owned by Coinstar is suing Time Warner's Warner Home Video, which has the biggest DVD business in the industry. The issue: Warner Bros. is effectively banning Redbox from renting its DVDs for 28 days after they go on sale.

  • As expected NewsCorp's MySpace announced today it's buying social music service iLike, the most popular music service on all social networks.

  • ESPN_magazine_cover.jpg

    We were shocked when we saw the promotion. ESPN The Magazine offering its two million current subscribers a chance to get a full year of the magazine and its ESPN.com pay site, Insider, for $1 total. For those scoring at home, that’s less than 4 cents an issue and Insider, which on its own costs $40, for free.

  • Dicks Sporting Goods

    If you find an Eagles No. 7 jersey at one of Dick's Sporting Goods stores, it will be a Ron Jaworski throwback and not a brand new Michael Vick. That's because the company has decided not to sell jerseys bearing Vick's name.

  • vikings_splash_screen.jpg

    Call his act what you want. Old. Tired. Comical. But the bottom line for Brett Favre and the Vikings will be the bottom line. And it's looking pretty green right now.

  • Privately-held, debt-laden MGM announced some major management changes. CEO Harry Sloan is out, having taken the job soon after the studio was brought private in 2005 for $2.85 billion by Sony and Comcast, along with private equity firms Texas Pacific Group, DLJ Merchant Banking Partners, Quadrangle Group and a unit of Credit Suisse.

  • Stephen Strasburg

    Late last night, the Washington Nationals signed their No. 1 pick Stephen Strasburg to a four-year, $15.6 million contract. So can the Nationals make back their money?

  • Sponsors that are along for the ride when a huge upset happens in sports normally have a lot to gain. After all, they paid the underdog pennies on the dollar and had a chance to reap big rewards. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't.