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  • Yahoo partners with Google

    Internet search leaders Yahoo and Google have given the Justice Department a revised version of their search advertising partnership in hopes of winning antitrust approval, a source close to the discussions told Reuters.

  • 100_bills_stacked.jpg

    Over the past couple weeks, I've been on many radio shows and the hosts naturally ask me about the economy and sports. One area that I didn't think I was strong as I could be in was the baseball free agent question.

  • Shopper with Bloomingdales Bags

    Halloween isn't just about crazy costumes and sugar highs. For advertisers it represents the unofficial start of holiday-season advertising. Expect to start seeing plenty of ads in your paper urging you to go shopping.

  • Earlier this month the Association of National Advertisers held its annual "Masters of Marketing" conference. Its theme was ironically "Growth"—ironic considering that advertising is expected to decline in 2009 pretty much across the board.

  • cadeuses2.jpg

    I’m sure you’ve seen all the stories regarding athletes and staph infections more technically known as MRSA. Although the information each time has been sketchy, the names Kellen Winslow, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning have become associated with it in recent weeks.

  • Yahoo partners with Google

    The word's out that a partnership between Google and Yahoo appears less likely. This  follows weeks of speculation that the deal was falling apart.

  • pick_and_drive.jpg

    When I went to Beijing this summer, one of the only things I had to see was the Olympic marathon. I watched on the big screen on the Bird's Nest for two hours waiting for the women to finish their final steps in the stadium. It was definitely one of the highlights of my trip.

  • Kobe Bryant

    One company that has always stood by Bryant is Nike. Though they kept him on the sidelines throughout the trial, it's easy to see that Bryant is now considered the brand's top endorser, not James, who gets paid more.

  • Family having Taco Bell

    Jeremy Milner works in public relations, so he knows how to get attention. Today, Milner is encouraging you to visit his Web site, Donate Your Taco. Let's explain before you get scared about molding meat and browning lettuce.

  • Last week, it was revealed that Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco was not willing to pay the fee to Reebok so that his jersey could correspond with his name change. What we found most interesting about this is that Johnson will be able to have Ochocinco on the back of his jerseys next year.

  • New Zealand

    With the financial markets in chaos, it feels more and more like the world is turning on its head. Well the advertising world is turning to heads, literally.

  • ny_jets.jpg

    The team confirmed on its web site that the final elite seats in their new stadium scheduled to open in 2010 will be auctioned from today and will close on Monday and that the team “does not expect to sell all of the Coaches Club seats by the end of the auction.”

  • Family having Taco Bell

    Left out of the equation of the fast food restaurant's "Steal A Base, Steal A Taco" promotion, in which America gets free tacos with the first stolen base of the World Series, is that the player has to agree to connect himself to the promotion.

  • Yahoo_headquarters_HQ.jpg

    Yahoo is expected to unveil plans to build a new facility in Nebraska on Friday, just days after the California-based Internet company announced it will cut at least 1,500 workers as it deals with the economic downturn.

  • Taco Bell

    In last night's game, Tampa Bays shortstop Jason Bartlett stole a base and the Taco Bell promotion that I've analyzed on this blog was put into action. As you might recall, Taco Bell told me last year that it gave away millions of free tacos as part of its "Steal A Base, Steal A Taco" promotion.

  • World Series 2008

    This is how the game works. First, you figure out who the sponsor of the facility is. (Note: This is easy and is only part of the game). Then, walk around the stadium and evaluate how that sponsor is doing within the stadium and then figure out how natural the fit is.

  • kmart.jpg

    With more shoppers opting for paper over plastic - cash over credit cards, that is - Kmart is reminding consumers that it offers layaway service.

  • yahoo_earnings_2.jpg

    Yahoo reported a profit that declined from last year but matched analysts' expectations. The Internet advertising firm also said it will cut 10 percent of its workforce.

  • Under Armour

    The same people who laughed at the notion of a 24-hour sports network and a 24-hour weather network would certainly laugh today at the robust business of scouting journalism and the broadcasts of both the NFL Draft and the NFL Combine.

  • Taco Bell

    So last year, I gave Taco Bell credit for a promotion in which they'd finally have to pay off. After years of generating publicity on stunt worthy promotions that never gave anyone free food (minus the chalupa giveouts at NBA games), they came up with "Steal A Base, Steal A Taco."