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  • Hampton's Summer Home: Rent It And Get "Augmented"! Thursday, 22 May 2008 | 11:50 AM ET
    Lindsay Lohan

    Park Avenue Plastic Surgeon Stephen Greenberg is announcing the Hampton's Plastic House in which for a half a million dollars, a lucky consumer can get a summer mansion in Hampton's with a season full of lipo, new boobs and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of treatments including...

  • Champion Air Exec, Big Brown, Zamboni: The Emails I Get Wednesday, 21 May 2008 | 1:17 PM ET

    The first comes from Cory Duke, an executive at Champion Air, who took offense to my tone in yesterday's blog about the NBA teams flying their charter: "While I understand the need to propagate the "doom-and-gloom" scenario to the public, there should also be a responsibility on your part to propagate it within reason and certainly within the boundaries of fact."

  • David Stern

    It actually happened before NBA deputy commissioner and COO Adam Silver pulled the cards out of the envelope. It was commissioner David Stern's comments to ESPN reporter Doris Burke when she asked him about the O.J. Mayo agent investigation.

  • Real Estate, Hollywood & Sex: Welcome to California Tuesday, 20 May 2008 | 7:18 PM ET

    So DataQuick says home sales in the Golden State rose almost 27 percent last month compared to the month before. Hmmm, let me see, who blogged about the possibility that we were bottoming in housing. Who? Who who who... oh yes, that was me. Also: "77 MIND-BLOWING SEX POSITIONS"! A promotional gift package from a website called Cleo's Boutique.

  • Television Cable Show's Buzz Words Tuesday, 20 May 2008 | 4:10 PM ET

    Here at the National Cable Show in New Orleans there are a couple of big buzz words I'm hearing--whether I'm in the Panasonic or Google booths, or the NBC Universal booth where my coverage has been based. First, Video-on-demand is huge

  • New Microsoft-Yahoo Plan: Alliance, Not Acquisition Tuesday, 20 May 2008 | 9:31 AM ET

    Microsoft has proposed to buy Yahoo's search business and take a minority stake in the Web pioneer, stopping short of a full-out merger, a person familiar with the discussions said on Monday.

  • Microsoft Wants to Buy Yahoo Search Business Monday, 19 May 2008 | 6:29 PM ET

    Microsoft has proposed an alternative deal to Yahoo that involves acquiring the Internet portal's search business, Reuters reported Monday.

  • microsoft_yahoo.jpg

    Microsoft has proposed an alternative deal to Yahoo that involves acquiring the Internet portal's search business, Reuters reported Monday.

  • online_advertise.jpg

    The broader economic slowdown is hampering the growth of online advertising.

  • FOX News Channel

    This year's network upfront ad sales period has been full of surprises. Fox announced it's cutting its prime time ad minutes for a couple of new dramas in half, to just five minutes an hour.

  • Measuring Google's Success Friday, 16 May 2008 | 6:48 PM ET

    ComScore analyzes the World Wide Web. Chairman Gian Fulgoni called in to tell us who's clicking on what -- and where the money is.

  • Headbands Help Boost NBA's Bottom Line Friday, 16 May 2008 | 12:21 PM ET
    Darren Rovell wearing the shooting sleeve and headband.

    If you are watching the Celtics-Cavaliers game tonight, count how many players on the court are wearing headbands. Given that it’s a voluntary piece of gear, it will be quite an amazing number.

  • Could Icahn Push Microsoft To Pursue Yahoo Again? Friday, 16 May 2008 | 11:34 AM ET
    Carl Icahn

    Two weeks after Microsoft abandoned its pursuit of Yahoo, a proxy fight launched by activist investor Carl Icahn has put Microsoft in the driver's seat.

  • Olympic Sponsors: Are They Getting "Hurt" By The Games? Thursday, 15 May 2008 | 4:32 PM ET
    2008 Olympics Beijing

    Michael Maslansky of Luntz, Maslansky Strategic Research just went on the air with me. His company polled 1,000 people online and asked them various questions about the Olympics. Here is the most important question. How much more or less likely are you to buy a product...

  • rookie_card_front.jpg

    I’m a big fan of Upper Deck. Have been since the very first set in 1989. Still love to open packs and their cards are the best in the business. But once a year, I find something that completely confuses me. I just pulled this Joakim Noah card from Upper Deck’s “Rookie Threads” box. Take a look at it and tell me if you notice anything wrong.

  • MLB All-Star Home Run Derby: I Really Like This Promotion Thursday, 15 May 2008 | 11:07 AM ET
    MLB All-Star Home Run Derby

    Readers of this blog know that when there’s a good promotion, I’m going to talk about it. This one involves the Major League Baseball All-Star Game Home Run Derby. In the past, when this was sponsored by Century 21, the company gave the fan whose player won the derby $250,000 towards the purchase of a home.

  • Icahn Forms Slate to Take on Yahoo Board Thursday, 15 May 2008 | 10:10 AM ET
    Carl Icahn

    Carl Icahn launched a proxy battle to force Yahoo to reopen buyout talks with Microsoft, the billionaire investor said in a letter to the Internet company Thursday.

  • EU Wary of Google Map Service Invading Privacy Thursday, 15 May 2008 | 7:08 AM ET

    The ability of Google's map service to put detailed street-level images on the Internet could raise concerns in Europe if it was introduced there, the EU's data protection agency said on Thursday.

  • Icahn Moving Ahead with Proxy Battle for Yahoo Wednesday, 14 May 2008 | 6:15 PM ET
    Carl Icahn

    Billionaire investor Carl Icahn has elected to move ahead with plans to run a dissident board slate at Yahoo, sources familiar with the matter told Reuters on Wednesday.

  • J&J Stent Ad Under Fire in Medical Journal Wednesday, 14 May 2008 | 5:01 PM ET
    Johnson & Johnson

    Two cardiologists write in "The New England Journal of Medicine" that Johnson and Johnson's first-of-its kind TV commercial for a heart stent is aimed at "millions of people who are ill-equipped to make judgments" about the device.