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    Yesterday was a good day for jewelry maker Robindira Unsworth. Robindira, who designs jewelry with her husband Robert on their collection, discovered that their Three Strand 22K Gold Vermeil Hammered Bead Necklace was featured on the neck of model Bar Refaeli on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

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    The Fresno Grizzlies, the Triple-A affiliate of the San Francisco Giants, are the first sports team to try to cash in on the "As Seen on TV" craze.

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    After ESPN reported this morning that New York Jets quarterback Brett Favre was retiring, we were waiting to see how long it would take the team to put Favre items on sale.

  • CNBC has obtained a letter signed by six house Representatives from New York State sent to Timothy Geithner, asking the Treasury Secretary to disregard the call for Citigroup to break its 20-year, $400 million investment for the naming rights to the New York Mets stadium.

  • Subway

    "We still believe in Michael Phelps and we still think he can be a big asset to our brand." That's what Subway CMO Tony Pace said to Terry Lefton of the SportsBusiness Daily yesterday.

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    Thank you to everyone who submitted their best caption to our photo yesterday. We received more than 300 entries from all over the world, including captions from Guatemala, Australia and South Africa.

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    I can see why a brand would want to put an ad in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. But at $375,000 for a full page, there are a lot of challenges.

  • CNBC has confirmed through multiple sources that Michael Phelps did not show up at the IBM Pulse 2009 Conference at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, where he was scheduled to speak on Tuesday.

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    Today, I spent 35 minutes or so with the new Sports Illustrated cover model Bar Refaeli. In that short period of time, I found out that Bar does eat curly fries (I bought them for her in our cafeteria) and loves the Snuggie (she was surprised to find out how cheap it was).

  • Tiger Woods hits out of a bunker on the eighth green during a playoff round at the US Open golf tournament, Torrey Pines Golf, San Diego, California.

    Seven and a half years ago, when Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf announced they were having a baby, tennis promoter John Korff had a great idea. He called up Graf’s agent, Phil DePicciotto, and offered Graf $10 million if they had a girl and that girl played in his tournament first when she turned 16 years old in 2017.

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    Alex Rodriguez isn't sponsored by the nutritional supplement store, but GNC made its way into his interview three times in his interview with ESPN's Peter Gammons yesterday.

  • Michael Phelps inhales from a bong

    The first poll taken in the wake of the Michael Phelps photo, reveals that the Olympic swimmer's image definitely took a hit.

  • Alex Rodriguez

    After Alex Rodriguez' ESPN interview aired tonight, in which he admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs, the slugger's most valuable endorser, Nike issued this comment.

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    Those tuning into the Grammys may have caught a glimpse of a television milestone, and it didn’t happen on stage at the music awards show. Absolut vodka debuted a new ad, marking the first time a spirits brand aired a commercial during the Grammys. More importantly, it was also a first for spirits advertising in prime time in several CBS markets. 

  • Michael Phelps inhales from a bong

    It has been a while and we still don't have the name of the person who photographed and sold (if it was even the same person) the picture of Michael Phelps to British tabloid "News of the World."

  • New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez admitted to ESPN this afternoon that he used performance-enhancing drugs from 2001 to 2003 while playing with the Texas Rangers. Rodriguez apologized, saying he was "young, stupid and naive."

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    On Wednesday, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue hits newstands and the folks at SI have graciously given us permission to run some of their best covers for the purpose of asking you, which one is your favorite?

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    A week after Kellogg's chose to make a statement on Michael Phelps even though its deal with the swimmer was set to expire in days, the company is probably facing more heat than it expected.

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    Over the past couple days, we've seen a lot of ticket price announcements from NFL teams to college football teams to NBA franchises. So what have teams done? Here's a list of recent ticket announcements.

  • Alex Rodriguez

    The question was posed to me over the weekend. Who loses financially if Alex Rodriguez did indeed take performance-enhancing drugs in 2003, as reported? Is it Rodriguez? Of course not. He'll likely leave baseball as the richest player ever.