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    Over the past 17 seasons, Favre has sold more jerseys than any player in NFL history. Favre finished the season ranked No. 3 in jersey sales. There was not a single Jets player in the top 20 best selling jerseys last year.

  • Nine-time gold medalist Carl Lewis will always be remembered for what he did on the track. Unfortunately, he'll also be remembered for what some might call the worst public singing of our National Anthem.

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    For the second straight Summer Olympiad, swimsuit maker Speedo is floating a $1 million prize to Michael Phelps if he ties Mark Spitz's 1972 gold medal record of seven gold medals in a single Olympics.

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    The company is recounting the shareholder vote for its board of directors after discovering that a tabulating firm failed to register the opposition of a major investor.

  • Yahoo Headquarters

    One of Yahoo's largest and most critical shareholders, Capital Research Global Investors, said on Monday it had asked for a probe of last week's shareholder vote, a move that calls into question the strong showing for Chief Executive Jerry Yang.

  • Michael Phelps with a Fu Manchu.

    Michael Phelps showed up in Beijing with a Fu Manchu. It had our group here buzzing about whether the most high profile Olympic swimmer was really going to keep it throughout the games.

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    We're mid-way through media earnings, and a distinct trend is emerging: weakness in local ad markets is now spilling over to national cable and broadcast advertising. The media industry is facing all sorts of hurdles. Particularly unfortunate sector challenges at a time when the ad cycle is at a low.

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    Close to two-thirds of viewers of the Olympics will get their information on-line, according to new research by WPP.

  • Every four years the advertising industry is given a boost due to the combination of the Olympics and the presidential election in the U.S.  We’re in the middle of this quadrennial effect now, and WPP CEO Sir Martin Sorrell was on Squawk Box this morning, where he discussed the impact this is having on advertisers.

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    Outdoor advertising is a growing category — not just billboards, but increasingly, weird publicity stunts that often go awry, The New York Times reports.

  • NBA

    It's almost August and beside O.J. Mayo's Nike deal, there's not one other shoe contract that has been announced. So we asked our friends at the NBA to tell us what shoes the rookies were wearing at this week's league-conducted photo shoot.

  • Carl Icahn

    Investor Carl Icahn, who ran a heated proxy battle to unseat the Yahoo board and oust its chief executive, said he will not be attending the Internet company's annual meeting Friday.

  • Boone Pickens

    The Texas billionaire unloads 10 million shares of the company, citing frustration over the way management handled the Microsoft situation.

  • I hope this will become your ultimate destination to catch up with the business of the Games--from the most marketable athletes who will now cash in to the athletes who might lose their chance of a payday due to fractionally missing out on that gold medal. We kick off the Olympic theme today with one of my favorite stories: Dan and Dave.

  • The Pure Power Edge

    I get pitched a lot of products. Most of the time, I’m not that impressed to do anything. But when I was told about the Pure Power Edge, I was at the very least intrigued by something I’ve never heard before.

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    I have to admit. I've never really understood this type of cross sports promotion. It's not the first time it has happened in golf of course. Payne Stewart, Ben Curtis and Brian Bateman have all worn NFL logos.

  • Yahoo Headquarters

    Yahoo's second-largest shareholder is considering withholding votes for Chairman Roy Bostock and CEO Jerry Yang as disappointment over the Internet company's decision to shun a merger with Microsoft continues to create a rift among stakeholders, the New York Post reported.

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    There were a lot of cheers when Chicago Cubs fans heard that Mark Cuban was still in the running for becoming the next owner. It’s not really a home run that someone who spends $1 billion on a team is going to automatically care about winning. But we know that Cuban does.

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    Chief Executive Steve Ballmer on Thursday defended Microsoft's need to make heavy investments in its Internet businesses but said the company was "done," for now, with pursuing Yahoo.

  • Microsoft will announce plans to expand its relationship with online social network Facebook to provide web search and search advertising, a source familiar with the matter said on Thursday.