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    Update II: After yesterday, I wasn't so sure that my prediction that the Jets would not get the $25,000 average for Coaches Club personal seat licenses would hold up. But things haven't been in the Jets' favor on Day 2 of the auction on eBay's StubHub.

  • Sports & The Economy

    Over the past couple weeks, I've been trying to keep you up to date on the latest in sports business and how the industry is being affected by the economy. I've tried my best not to be alarmist and to tell you the real story. But I'm afraid that some stories written by others are a bit overboard.

  • The world's largest audiovisual content market kicked off in Cannes with MIPCOM 2008 amid turmoil in the financial markets.

  • Dallas Cowboys

    I just received the top selling NFL jersey stats from Joanna Hunter at the NFL and the Cowboys have four players in the top 10. Here are the selling jerseys on from April 1-Oct. 15:

  • Nokia Rabbit Runner

    This Sunday, Nokia was a sponsor of this race called the Royal Parks Half Marathon, which took place in London. In order to get the bang for their buck, they paid runners to get dressed up in animal mascot costumes--there was a rabbit, a fox, a squirrel and badger.

  • Should Sponsors Get Money Back If Athlete Is No Show

    The sport that makes its money off the well-heeled will go the way of the people who they market to. Yes, the PGA Tour recently signed Citi as a sponsor of the Presidents Cup, but Wachovia's golf tournament will now be in the hands of Wells Fargo.

  • CNBC presenter Ross Westgate offers his view of how audiovisual and content companies are grappling with a financial meltdown across the globe from the Mipcom conference in Cannes.

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    The New York Mets said yesterday that they have sold out their luxury suites for Citi Field next year. That’s an amazing statement of resistance, especially during these tough economic times.

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    Facing an increasingly bleak economic picture, media giant Viacom cut its financial outlook for the first year, sending its shares, and shares of other media stocks, falling.

  • Presidential Debate

    The day after a political debate it seems appropriate to examine just what this presidential campaign means for the TV biz. First, to the debate itself, in which both candidates spent quite a bit of time addressing the plummeting stock market and the financial meltdown, which also surely drove viewers to tune in.

  • Rovell wore this shoe before Moss.

    When New England Patriots wide receiver Randy Moss takes the field against the San Diego Chargers this weekend, he will be stepping into shoes that I wore first. No need to check your eyes there. I didn't think I'd ever write that sentence either.

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    As the global financial crisis continues, the advertising environment for the near future is looking increasingly grim. Next year already faced tough comparisons with this year's Olympics and political ad spending, but now with the economy in flux (and that's putting it nicely) the ad industry is going to be in bad shape.

  • Brooks Lux Porta Potty

    I've always had a huge fascination with the marathon. So much so, that in 2004, I decided I had to run New York and, as any good reporter would do, I took notes along the way.

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    As the stock market swoons, investors are watching their paper losses mount and their retirement accounts dwindle. As the most trusted names in banking and brokerage have fallen like dominoes — despite reassurances from top executives that nothing was wrong — what message or slogan could possibly reassure a jittery public? The New York Times has the story.

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    I had a conversation with a high-profile owner and asked him what his greatest concern in these tough economic times was. He told me exactly what I thought I'd hear. With the lack of liquidity in the market, he said, how hard is it going to be to sell a team for the so-called appraised value?

  • Troy Aikman

    Aikman has been among the smarter of the athlete businessmen out there, so I thought that with the economic downturn it would be a good time to talk with him.

  • Yahoo partners with Google

    For months I've been covering Yahoo and Google's planned advertising partnership and the controversy surrounding it. After Google CEO Eric Schmidt said they're moving ahead with the partnership even without DOJ approval, the companies are changing their tune.

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    The research group looked at movies that opened on 1,000 or more screens between 2003 and 2007. Nine films in the $90 to $100 million range posted an average net profit of $374.7 million, and 80 films costing more than $100 million showed average profitability of $282.3 million.

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    We executives live with risk, but also work to mitigate it. And these times are riskier than normal. So at first glance it's no wonder that the media industry is bracing for a downturn in advertising.

  • Alexander Ovechkin

    When the world's richest athletes sign endorsement deals, they are usually with blue chip companies. The thinking is always to do an advertisement or commercial that aligns with a certain class of company.