Media Advertising

  • GM Dealership

    When it comes to the auto industry, there are more than just millions of auto-related jobs on the line. Billions of dollars in advertising—arguably the cornerstone of the industry—is at stake.

  • microsoft_yahoo.jpg

    Microsoft  is no longer interested in buying all of Yahoo, CEO Steve Ballmer said Wednesday, though he told shareholders that the company would still be "very open" to a collaboration on Internet search. His comments sent Yahoo shares diving by 12 percent.

  • Lexus

    Luxury automaker Lexus will be moving ahead as planned with its USGA and USTA sponsorships for 2009. Lexus spokeswoman Nancy Hubbell tells me the company is committed to its golf and tennis promotional activities for next year.

  • Boston Red Sox

    One of the best sports biz stories of 2007 resulted from the Red Sox winning the 2007 World Series. Jordan's Furniture, based in Taunton, Massachusetts, offered to refund the cost of qualifying pieces of furniture purchased during a six-week period before the 2007 season, if the Red Sox went on to win the World Series.

  • knicks.jpg

    If a company offers a strongly branded product for 40 percent off the suggested price, it sets up a perception in the customer’s mind that the product should be offered at that lower price all the time.

  • nascar_fans_AP.jpg

    All are signs NASCAR's in trouble. No one knows for sure how deep the employee cuts will go and what else might be sacrificed. Veteran team owner Jack Roush, of Roush Fenway Racing, has a list of changes that might occur if the economy worsens.

  • gardasil_logo.jpg

    How in the world is Merck gonna rebrand a product it has spent so much time, effort and money gearing toward females so that males will use it, too? I'm not sure, but it'll be interesting to watch if or when MRK wins Food and Drug Administration approval of Gardasil for boys/young men.

  • boston_red_sox_logo.jpg

    It's a stunning indication of how the economy is impacting the sports business. Commissioner Bud Selig warned teams a couple of months ago to be careful when setting 2009 prices. Today’s announcement shows that owners and teams are taking the warning seriously.

  • laptop.jpg

    Worldwide technology spending will slow significantly in 2009 because of the financial turmoil that has rattled global markets since September, research firm IDC said Wednesday.

  • perdew_kelly.jpg

    With a rising consumer interest in the fantasy sports marketplace (7% over the past five years in the United States and Canada), I wanted to focus on some of the key trends that will serve as discussion points over the next 1-3 years.

  • The director of the FHFA discusses a new loan modification plan that will take effect December 15 while the CEO of, a joint venture between NBC Universal and News Corp, discusses his business during the economic downturn. Following are today's top videos:

  • The Bacon Salt Boy

    The founders of J&D's Bacon Salt (a company whose mission is to make everything in the world taste like bacon) have created an incredible guerrilla marketing/viral campaign around the Bacon Salt Boy.

  • St. Louis Blues

    This is one bailout that’s easy to get behind. It comes courtesy of the NHL's St. Louis Blues. Starting November 29th, the team is rolling out "Fannie and Freddie Mortgage Saturday." One fan chosen at random during each Saturday home game will receive relief on his or her monthly mortgage or rent payments for up to four months ($1,000 maximum per month).

  • NBA

    If you were offered the chance to go to an NBA game with a group of friends, what would be your dream scenario? Courtside seats? A meet-n-greet with the team cheerleaders? Unlimited drinks? Post-game interviews?

  • Industry personnel are now being challenged with the question, "How can corporations ensure that their sports marketing and charity dollars are both working in sync to deliver business results?"

  • Asics-Gel-Nimbus-9.jpg

    President-elect Barack Obama is suddenly the most powerful man in America. And that means that people are listening to what he does or says—or endorses, for that matter.

  • It was about a year ago that I covered a brand called Enlyten SportStrips. It's basically Gatorade on one of those strips you put into your mouth. The story got intriguing when the company alleged the NFL pushed them out of a deal with the Buffalo Bills...

  • John Daly

    Last week, John Daly was taken to a county jail in North Carolina after police were summoned and found him outside a Hooters "extremely intoxicated and uncooperative."

  • Yahoo partners with Google

    The new search advertising deal between Yahoo and Google is unlikely to win U.S. antitrust approval, and therefore may open the door to a new bid for Yahoo from Microsoft, an analyst said.

  • Google Headquarters

    Google, one of the nation's great growth engines for employment, has essentially stopped hiring for the last month, according to several executives at the company.