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  • MLB 2008 Allstar Game Logo

    There’s just one question to be answered from last night’s MLB All-Star Game. Did Fox make any extra money from the 15-inning game?

  • AOL.jpg

    Time Warner discussions to merge or sell its AOL internet division with Microsoft or Yahoo have taken on new urgency ahead of Yahoo's Aug 1 shareholders meeting, a source familiar with the discussions told Reuters on Tuesday.1st paragraph of story should go here

  • mlb_logo2.jpg

    Major League Baseball already has the most profitable league web site and, in January, their network will immediately become the most widely carried league-owned network. I spoke with Tim Brosnan, Baseball's executive vice president of business operations, about the network before tonight's All-Star Game.

  • Josh Hamilton, Texas Rangers

    Everyone knows Josh Hamilton's story by now. Top draft pick gets into a car accident, can't play baseball and turns to alcohol and cocaine. Now, he's in the midst of what could be called one of the greatest life comebacks of all time.

  • New York Yankees

    I just interviewed New York Yankees president Randy Levine and chief operating officer Lonn Trost. Despite the fact that the Yankees are the first team to draw four million fans for four consecutive seasons, Levine said they will still lose money this year.

  • ebay_HQ1.jpg

    EBay scored a major court victory Monday when a federal judge ruled that Tiffany had failed to prove the online auctioneer was responsible for the sale of fake Tiffany jewelry on its site.

  • Budweiser Beer

    Belgium brewer InBev has agreed to buy Anheuser-Busch for $52 billion. And the biggest question we have here at Sports Biz is, how much will this impact the business of sports? Or to some, how will this impact Super Bowl commercial watching?

  • Yahoo

    Microsoft and billionaire investor Carl Icahn's joint proposal for Yahoo , which was rejected on Saturday, included improved revenue guarantees from search advertising, people familiar with the matter said on Sunday.

  • College Bass

    I’m focused on the College Bass National Championships that are taking place in Little Rock, Ark., as we speak. It’s not sanctioned by the NCAA, which is just fine for the competitors on the 53 teams. That’s because these guys are making some good money pulling in sponsorships.

  • advertising.jpg

    Germany's GfK Holdings is considering a cash offer for Britain's Taylor Nelson Sofres after Martin Sorrell's advertising group WPP muscled in on their original merger plan.

  • Tony Stewart

    So word is that NASCAR driver Tony Stewart is leaving Gibbs Racing and moving to Haas Racing, where he will be part owner. The NASCAR community is buzzing that Stewart would go from a "have" team to a relative "have not." You know what I'm buzzing about?

  • Advertising revenue from YouTube is likely to total about $200 million this year and thus fall short of parent company Google's expectations, The Wall Street Journal said on Tuesday, citing two sources familiar with the matter.

  • nadal_newspapers.jpg

    Federer’s swooshes accounted for 13 minutes and 3 seconds worth of time and Nadal’s swooshes were seen for 22 minutes and 20 seconds, Wright said. That’s not to mention the ridiculous exposure that Nike got on the cover of all the major papers and on broadcasts other than the NBC broadcast of the match.

  • tiger_woods_apple.jpg

    The red apple supposedly from the fourth round sold for $36,000, but the buyer told us he typed in that number as a joke. Then there was a second apple (green)--this one perhaps the more important core, as this could have been the apple core that Tiger said helped him through his playoff victory over Rocco Mediate.

  • microsoft_yahoo.jpg

    A potential deal between Yahoo and Time Warner's AOL division is unlikely before Yahoo's annual meeting on Aug. 1, a person familiar with the negotiations said Monday.

  • Google Headquarters

    Google is under fire from a handful of parents who work at the company's Silicon Valley offices for price hikes in the cost of on-site day-care services, the New York Times reported Saturday.

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  • Nike Hyperdunk sneaker

    The “Back to the Future” movie franchise, which produced three movies from 1985 to 1990, generated an impressive $935 million in gross box office receipts. Nike will be releasing their new Hyperdunk in a teal version to make it look like the “Air McFlys.” Shoe collector shop Undefeated in Santa Monica will get first dibs as they’ll sell less than 100 pairs today.

  • Should Sponsors Get Money Back If Athlete Is No Show

    But it's an interesting dilemma. Given the cost of things, at what point should sponsors, or ticket holders for that matter, be able to get some compensation for a lesser expectation? At what point does is the subject to change line after the asterisk just not acceptable?

  • Philadelphia Soul

    Because of television commitments, the playoff game has to played on Saturday, July 5th. Realizing they were in a tough spot, the team management brainstormed and came up with the idea to give away tickets to the exact area where their star player comes from.