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  • obama_card_box.jpg

    I just got two boxes of the Barack Obama Topps set. It's 90 cards, plus 18 stickers. No offense to our new leader, but the most coveted card in the set isn't of Obama. It's of his pooch.

  • fifa_logo.jpg

    Satyam Computer Services has been called by some "India's Enron" after its founder and chairman B. Ramalinga Raju admitted last week that he had been fudging numbers for years. Raju and his brother have been jailed and the company's CFO has been arrested.

  • Henderson and Rice

    Jim Rice, the Boston Red Sox outfielder, got into the Baseball Hall of Fame on his 15th and final try today and Cooperstown—a New York town—couldn't be happier.

  • shamwow.jpg

    I've written a lot in this space about endorsements and commercials that don't work. It obviously involves athletes because that's what I talk about. So I think it's appropriate to talk about an ad that doesn't involve any jocks, but might be the best Made-For-TV commercial of all time.

  • Tim Tebow

    University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow is coming back for his senior season. And although Tebow is apparently not valuable enough to NFL teams to jump ship, there's still a whole lot of future that Tebow is risking by stepping out on the field for another run without a payday.

  • BlackBerry Bold

    When Hollywood does sports movies, they are always careful to bring in consultants to make sure the action looks authentic. Well, it's only 30 seconds, but it appears like the folks at Research in Motion, parent company of the BlackBerry, should have brought in a sports consultant for its spot that has been running incessantly during NFL games.

  • nll_logo_new.jpg

    The economy has caused havoc on many sports leagues. The NBA, NFL and the WWE cut its staff. But the National Lacrosse League, whose season started up at the beginning of the year  says everything is status quo, despite its Chicago franchise folding weeks before the season opened.

  • Wheaties box

    I was always waiting for a high-powered Wheaties and rumors are circulating that General Mills is in the planning stages of making that happen. The idea we’re told, is a male-targeted product that would give the brand some more credibility.

  • President-Elect Barack Obama using his Blackberry

    President-elect Barack Obama has repeatedly said how much his BlackBerry means to him. If he wasn't a public servent, it could also mean a lot of money for him, reports the New York Times.

  • microsoft_yahoo.jpg

    Now is the best time for a partnership between Microsoft and Yahoo in the search business, as both companies are undergoing a management transition, Steve Ballmer, Microsoft's chief executive officer, told the Financial Times in an interview published on the paper's Web site.

  • Air Jordan 2009

    Michael Jordan was in New York City today to unveil his latest sneaker called the Air Jordan 2009. We talked about him being the most popular athlete on the planet, Brand Jordan and the new shoe.

  • car_dealership_ford.jpg

    Last month I got a lot of email after pondering what it might take to get me to buy an American car. I suggested that Detroit needed to come up with some sort of marketing campaign to convince me it's the cool, hip, right thing to do.

  • Tonight is the Chick-Fil-A Bowl. I'm sure it will be a good one between Georgia Tech and the LSU Tigers. But the reason I'm writing about this is because, in a world where so many sponsorships don't make sense, this one is probably among the best I've ever seen. Here are five things the sports marketing world can learn from Chick-Fil-A's sponsorship of this bowl game.

  • Tomorrow afternoon will be the one day of the year I will be watching hockey as the Chicago Blackhawks and the Detroit Red Wings play outside at Wrigley Field. The Bridgestone Winter Classic is the talk of the town and hockey outdoors has actually managed to get some big-time buzz. This morning, I spoke with NHL commissioner Gary Bettman about the game.

  • New York Yankees

    Superagent Scott Boras has made waves again this offseason as the agent of Mark Teixeira. He's also still negotiating for Derek Lowe and Manny Ramirez, among others. This morning on "Squawk Box," I sat down with Boras for a wide-ranging interview.

  • Every once in a while, I like to pose a question to my readers. Today, we're doing a little choose-your-own-adventure with the New York Jets, who fired their head coach Eric Mangini this morning, after the team failed to make the playoffs following yesterday's loss.

  • worst_ads_2008.jpg

    The New York Times recapps some of the high and low points in advertising in 2009.

  • honus_wagner_card.jpg

    In August, Arkansas businessman John Rogers bought one of the famous Honus Wagner cards for $1.62 million. It was only months ago and the economy certainly hasn't made things better. So we were confused when Rogers put it up for sale on eBay...

  • Detroit Lions

    We all know the New England Patriots would have been plenty marketable if they had beaten the New York Giants in the Super Bowl and became the first team since the 1972 Miami Dolphins to go undefeated. But how about the Detroit Lions, who on Sunday could become the first team to go 0-for-season since the 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

  • FedEx

    FedEx will not run a Super Bowl ad for the first time in 12 years, according to a posting on the company Web site Monday.