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  • danica_patrick_2008.jpg

    In some way, we feel sorry for Danica Patrick, who won her first race on her 50th try this weekend. At least on the surface, it couldn't have come at a worse time in a worse place.

  • This morning, I went one on one with Danica Patrick to talk about her win in Japan. Here's the video and the transcript. Darren: From a marketing standpoint people have called you the Anna Kournikova of racing. You finally won. What type of pressure were you feeling and what are you feeling now?

  • Yahoo!'s headquarters in California.

    An earnings windfall for Google should benefit rival Yahoo in buyout talks with Microsoft, as investors view the results as proof of a robust online advertising market.

  • Jimmy Fund Chairman Mike Andrews (center) and Dana-Farber patients Ryan Reardon (left) and Gerry House unveil the jersey in the Jimmy Fund Red Sox Gallery at Dana-Farber.

    I think it's pretty hard to argue now (although I know I'll still get the e-mails), the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry is the greatest in sports. It's why the David Ortiz jersey--it's really a shirt if you look closely at it--pulled from the concrete at the new Yankee Stadium is a tremendous collectors item.

  • google

    Google reported earnings that rose 30 percent and handily beat analysts' expectations, and the company's shares jumped in late trading.

  • Chris Long

    OK. I'm not that much of a psychic. But Scouts Inc.'s latest mock draft has Chris Long, yes Howie Long's son, going fourth to the Oakland Raiders. And although the hopeful Raiders fans bought plenty of Jamarcus Russell shirts last year even though he hardly played and there's rumors he hit 300 pounds in the offseason, they'll spend plenty of money again if they...

  • Google Headquarters

    Investing in Google shares is... different. It's one of the few companies where 30% revenue growth would be disappointing and 450 bucks a share is seen by many as cheap. How do you read earnings of a company like this? I'm glad you asked.

  • I have to say that I'm not usually impressed with league generated ads. But I have to say, I think the new "There Can Only Be One" NBA Playoffs ads are brilliant. If you haven't seen it, check this out.

  • ny_times_logo_new.jpg

    The New York Times Company posted a $335,000 loss for the first quarter--a dramatic drop from the $23 million profit the company earned in the year-ago-quarter and missing Wall Street estimates.

  • nba_refs.jpg

    As reported here first on Sunday night, Wasserman Media Group will represent potential number one NBA draft pick Derrick Rose.

  • Sears

    Cash your stimulus check at Sears and the company will give you a bonus gift card worth 10 percent of that check. What's the catch? You have to cash your entire check and trade it in for a giftcard that has to be redeemed at a Sears, Kmart or a Land's End sometime between May 14 and July 19th.

  • A Wachovia branch bank.

    So many sports fans were shocked last night to find out that Tiger Woods had arthroscopic surgery on his left knee. And that left me with trying to figure out who was the big financial loser in all of this.

  • american_idol.jpg

    If you don’t watch “American Idol,” move on. The other 30 million of you—let’s dish. Here are my thoughts on last night’s show. Email me yours and I’ll post them. The audience is still booing the departure of Michael Johns, or maybe they're still booing Ryan for cruelly leaving the Aussie hanging a few moments last week.

  • nike_logo_new.jpg

    So Tiger Woods didn't win the Masters, but at least Nike did. With Trevor Immelman coming in first, Woods coming in second and Stewart Cink finishing in third, the Swoosh took the top three spots this weekend and dominated the CBS broadcast.

  • Yahoo_headquarters_HQ.jpg

    New industry data out Tuesday showed Yahoo may have started gaining share in the Web search ad market against Google even as Google's share of search audience inched up.

  • What does the rising price of aluminum have to do with art? Plenty, if you're artist John Kuzich. The San Francisco artist is hoping to get free cans of AriZona Green Tea for a piece of artwork he'd like to make. But Kuzich is more than an artist, he's an entrepreneur!

  • Under Armour

    In the cross training war between Nike and Under Armour, I gave the early edge to Nike. Why? Well, I liked Nike's commercial a little bit better and I thought that Under Armour's decision to run their spot during the Super Bowl was the wrong one.

  • Cheryl Miller was before her time. Rebecca Lobo was too tall. Lisa Leslie was missing that flash. To date, no professional women's basketball player has been able to be a marketable icon: a true commercial star with an identifiable logo on a pair of shoes and a player who does something more than sell a bunch of college and WNBA jerseys.

  • nba_refs.jpg

    Two informed sources told me on Sunday night that University of Memphis guard Derrick Rose is about to name his agent. And somehow it's not going to be Leon (no relation) Rose.

  • Yahoo!'s headquarters in California.

    Yahoo's board is meeting by conference call Friday afternoon and the big topic of course, is Microsoft's $42.2 billion dollar bid. The clock is ticking. Microsoft's Steve Ballmer threatened to stage a proxy fight to get the acquisition if the board doesn't take the bid, which it rejected as too low.