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  • Larry Eustachy

    Last month, University of Connecticut coach Jim Calhoun scoffed at a blogger's notion that, as the highest paid employee in the state, he should take a cut in salary.

  • We're only four days and 48 games into the tournament, but no one will win the $100 million bracket contest offered at Pickmanager.com that we talked about last week.

  • Fifth Third Burger

    For years, we've given the title of "Concession Item Of The Year" to the Gateway Grizzlies, whose executives seems to have a knack for coming up with the best idea year after year.

  • As of Friday, the average ticket on the secondary market at the NCAA men's regional sites cost $239 compared to $282 a year ago, according to StubHub. The average ticket to the Final Four games ($433 for the semis, $301 for the championship game) in Detroit? $426.

  • CBS

    Does the NCAA and CBS have to worry that the Federal Trade Commission is going to come after them for false advertising?

  • spend_rent_paydebt.jpg

    Every year around this time, we start talking about who the big winners are in the college basketball coaching ranks. What team made it to the Sweet 16 that wasn't supposed to?

  • This summer could be unlike any other we've seen in professional sports. If things don't turn around with the economy by then, and it's not looking particularly good, it's possible we'll see some teams engage in conversations with their respective leagues about either contracting the team or selling it off to the league.

  • sony_ericsson.jpg

    The opening rounds of the Sony Ericsson Open kick off next Thursday in Key Biscayne, Fla. It’s the largest tennis tournament outside the four slams.

  • Crons_ThatsMeArtFile-2.jpg

    It’s the ultimate underdog story. Upstart clothing company sees the one Division I basketball team that wears its product make it to the NCAA basketball Tournament.

  • jameson_bottle.jpg

    Irish whiskey has been one of the fastest growing spirits categories over the past few years, and its growth isn't just luck.

  • tv_advertising.jpg

    People are more likely to trust their financial company if they advertise; they trust their bank or investment firm less if they don't.

  • werner_ladder.jpg

    Vitaminwater is the official drink of the NCAA men's basketball tournament and Papa John's is the official pizza. But did you know that there's an official ladder?

  • UFC_LOGO.jpg

    Station Casinos has announced that it will file for bankruptcy protection in the next month. Why do you care as a sports fan? Because the Fertitta brothers, who own in between 20 and 25 percent of Station, own 90 percent of the UFC.

  • darrens_ncaa_logo.jpg

    Executives with a fledging Web site called Pickmanager.com have managed to break through the March Madness bracket clutter.

  • Devin Hester

    We've written about the marketability of Chicago Bears kick returner Devin Hester many times before.

  • reebok_ad.jpg

    He might have only won one grand slam title, but we're happy that the folks at Reebok and Tennis Warehouse think that Michael Chang is worth commemorating.

  • While the guys on Capitol Hill continue to focus with their hate campaign on sports marketing expeditures by entities that have received bailout money, one federally backed company slipped under the radar this week by inking a pretty sizable sponsorship.

  • mm_ad_3.jpg

    Yesterday, we wrote about how we thought that M&M's badly whiffed on its new Magic Johnson-Larry Bird ad.

  • So one of the crazy things about the economic downturn is that all-of-a-sudden you start hearing about these strange sponsorship deals that are now being undone.

  • Nike

    It's pretty safe to say that Nike, once again, dominates the March Madness shoe landscape. The shoe and apparel company has contracts with 52 of 65 teams.