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    Last year, I was fascinated with the study done by a group of economists that revealed that better looking quarterbacks made more money. Using facial symmetry to objectify looks, the group revealed that players who looked better made about $300,000 more.

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    Allen Stanford, the Texas billionaire accused of running an $8 billion fraud, tried to turn himself into the authorities yesterday. But golfer Vijay Singh is still wearing the company's logo on his hat and shirt.

  • With Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer toting Babolat and Wilson rackets, it's not that easy for the folks at Head to get attention these days.

  • Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal had a story on one of my favorite sports: Cup stacking.

  • Reflecting on the absurdity that is the name of Jenny Craig’s horse (Chocolate Candy) in this year’s Kentucky Derby, we asked you to help us rename it before the big race.

  • Quail Hollow Championships

    Tomorrow, in Charlotte, the Quail Hollow Championship will tee off. It was once called the Wachovia Championship, but because of public pressure put on banks receiving TARP money to cut extraneous expenses, the bank’s owner, Wells Fargo, decided it was easier to just generically name the tournament after the club where the event is played.

  • Kentucky Derby 135

    You might be surprised to hear that weight loss queen Jenny Craig owns one of the favorites in this weekend's Kentucky Derby.

  • Under Armour

    Having been a business reporter for almost a decade, I've learned two things about product recalls.

  • Yankee Stadium

    The New York Yankees announced today that they were reducing prices on a select group of premium seats, while offering refunds and comps to those who spent thousands of dollars on seats per game at the new stadium.

  • Empty seats no longer? The New York Yankees have announced the following price changes on premium seats.

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    A growing number of food manufacturers are showing the staples in their portfolio a little more love these days in an attempt to remind frugal gourmets of the basics. How basic? Think butter and canned goods. This is not only because they want to cash in on consumers' newfound frugality, and defend against private label, but also because there have been fewer new product introductions vying for ad dollars.

  • Wall Street was quite impressed with Under Armour’s first-quarter earnings today as shares have soared by more than 12 percent.

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    Medical supplies company Allegro Medical had a record sales day on its Web site yesterday.

  • Over the past couple days, I've talked plenty about the millions that the top NFL draft picks are sure to make. But what about the college names that you know, like John Parker Wilson, Chase Daniel, Graham Harrell and Quan Cosby, who signed undrafted free agent contracts after not being drafted? How much do those guys make?

  • Andre Smith

    We touched on this last night, but we think it’s worth another blog. The most amazing story in this draft has to be Andre Smith, who despite leaving the Combine and having a bad Pro Day, still managed to get picked sixth overall by the Bengals on Saturday.

  • Last week, when the Associated Press wrote that Major League Baseball's average attendance for the first two weeks was off 6.9 percent from last year, many news outlets just reported the number.

  • Viagogo

    The secondary ticketing market is robust in just about every sport. But it has been quite slow to come around in the tennis world despite the fact that scalpers and brokers have long made a business out of the Grand Slams.

  • Twitter

    I just finished what is believed to be the sports world's first "Twinterview," an interview conducted on Twitter. The interview was with NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy (Twitter name: @NFLprguy), who has built up quite a Twitter following, and the subject was the NFL Draft.

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    The NFL Draft is one of my favorite events of the year. Why? Because it's all about business. You've seen recaps galore, but here's the countdown that hits the wallet the hardest.

  • Lawrence Sidbury

    I cover sports business. So that means I care about the money stories. And that's why I think the best story for this weekend's NFL Draft could be Lawrence Sidbury Jr.