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  • Heathrow is operating at full capacity and has been campaigning for 25 years for the green light to build a third runway, but political wrangling, objections from local residents in west London and environmentalists has prevented expansion. A government-appointed Airports Commission last year named Heathrow, Britain's busiest airport, as the preferred...

  • *Tenders expected for Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and India. DUBAI, May 10- Turkish airport operator TAV is planning to bid for new tenders in Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and India in the next 12-24 months, Chief Executive Sani Sener told Reuters on Tuesday, aiming to accelerate its push into new markets. "We are going to be very active in South East Asia and Africa and...

  • MEXICO CITY, May 9- Spanish construction firm Ferrovial SA may cancel its plan to bid jointly with cash-strapped local builder ICA for a contract to build a $3.5 billion terminal building for Mexico City's new airport, people familiar with the matter said. Ferrovial, which won a 2010 contract to build a terminal at London's Heathrow Airport for around 800...

  • Air rage worse on certain planes

    Researchers say airplanes with a designated first-class cabin are more likely to have an onboard incident than planes that don't.

  • BERLIN/ LONDON, May 5- European airports are racing to redesign terminals and offer new services to pull more passengers into their stores, in the face of online competition and militant attacks that have kept away some big-spending Asian travellers. Vienna Airport, for example, plans to expand the shopping and food area in its Terminal 2 by about 50 percent-...

  • The U.S. Transportation Security Administration will add officers at airports expected to have the highest passenger volumes, said Jeh Johnson, secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, in a statement on Wednesday. He added that he has asked Congress to approve additional funds to pay for officers' overtime and to meet "critical short-term needs."

  • May 4- The United States is to increase the number of airport security staff and bomb-sniffing dogs and ramp up its pre-screening enrollment efforts in an attempt to address airlines' concerns that long airport lines this summer might discourage air travel. The U.S. Transportation Security Administration will add officers at airports expected to have the...

  • Air France-KLM posts first quarter loss

    John Strickland, director of JLS Consulting, discusses the problems facing airlines including Air France-KLM.

  • Calgary- based WestJet's fuel expenses, typically an airline's largest variable cost, fell nearly 21 percent to C $166.4 million. WestJet shifted its focus to eastern Canada and suspended nearly a dozen daily flights in January from Alberta's airports after airlines operating in the oil-rich province started recording a significant decline in passenger...

  • April 29- All flights into Philadelphia International Airport were halted for less than an hour on Friday morning after pilots of two planes reported problems- including smoke in the cabin- before landing safely. The pilot of American Eagle flight 4801 from Richmond, Virginia, operated by Piedmont Airlines, reported smoke in the cockpit just before the plane's...

  • ATLANTA, April 29- Delta Air Lines Inc plans to buy a 5 percent stake in biometric technology company CLEAR to deploy fingerprinting and iris identification services at major U.S. airports and speed up security lines, Delta's incoming Chief Executive Ed Bastian told reporters in Atlanta on Friday. Delta said in a separate news release that it is still...


  • Berlin's ghost airport still shut

    Berlin's new Brandenburg Airport was due to open in 2010, but is still closed. Construction issue after issue has plagued this $6 billion white elephant. CNBC's Phil Han reports.

  • Delta changes ticket fee rules

    The airline will stop charging US customers for ordering tickets by phone or over the counter.

  • Fixing airport wait times

    Discussing speeding up airport security, with Gordon Bethune, former Continental Airlines Chairman and CEO, and Seth Kaplan, Airline Weekly managing partner.

  • Sailing through security

    CNBC's Phil LeBeau reports on Clear Security's expansion from just airports into other places like sports stadiums.

  • Keeping checkpoints safe

    Former TSA Administrator Chad Wolf discusses “behavioral detection” at airport security, and preventing another terrorist attack.

  • Flight Cancelled

    A blizzard shut down Denver International Airport on Wednesday, canceling 1,200 flights and stranding travelers.

  • Airport security in the spotlight

    Discussing the future of security at airports worldwide in the aftermath of the Brussels attacks with Alan Diehl, former FAA and NTSB investigator.

  • Two separate attacks in Brussels: Spiegel

    Peter Spiegel, FT Brussels Bureau Chief, reports on two explosions at the Brussels airport, and a third explosion on a metro station near the European Union headquarters. Spiegel discusses the likelihood of a Brexit.