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  • WASHINGTON, June 22- Seven Democratic senators urged the U.S. Justice Department on Wednesday to block two mergers of major health insurance companies, saying that the proposed deals would mean higher premiums and lower-quality healthcare for consumers. "We urge the DOJ to challenge these mergers from proceeding and to prevent the damage they would cause to...

  • But, instead of reporting the events to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, within 30 days of discovering them, as required by law, Medtronic hid them, the Star Tribune said. Medtronic officials told the Star Tribune that the database of adverse events was misfiled internally and was reported to the FDA after it was rediscovered more than five years later.

  • Feb 25- Five Democratic U.S. senators, including presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, told the Justice Department and Federal Communications Commission on Thursday that they had "significant concerns" about Charter Communications Inc's planned acquisition of Time Warner Cable Inc and Bright House Networks. The senators, who also included Elizabeth...

  • Sen. Franken: Consumers will pay more with Comcast deal

    Sen. Al Franken, (D-MN), shares his concerns for the Comcast, Time Warner Cable deal. Sen. Franken feels consumers will be paying higher cable bills with fewer choices.

  • BERLIN, Oct 28- With the U.S. presidential election too close to call, hundreds of thousands of Americans living in Europe have been posting their absentee ballots with a sense that they could truly make a difference on Nov. 6.