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Aman Singh

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    For many of the employed millions, the market is shifting. The number of vacant jobs is on the rise and discretionary choice is slowly returning. What are companies to do to retain their best talent?

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    A new survey by consulting firm Fuld & Co. shows that while financial services firms and tech companies might be the most aggressive in collecting intelligence, other industries aren’t that far behind.

  • Jack Welch

    Jack Welch is back in the news. His verbal alacrity and passion for one-liners, that is. His latest message: "The main social responsibility for a company is to win."

  • degree and cash

    In separate announcements last week, two leading schools announced major curriculum changes, indicating that the loud noise from the past years, including the blame the MBA community continues to receive for the Wall Street crisis, seems to have permeated.

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    When a fellow attendee at an event hosted to laud women empowerment in the workplace expresses reservations with corporate social responsibility, there is a problem.

  • Replete with sarcasm and enunciated ridicule for Wall Street, Gladwin's commandments serve less as advice to follow and more as an indictment of the current state of business.

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    How much does an Ivy League education guarantee your success as a CEO? It doesn't, according to new research from University of New Hampshire. Hard to believe?

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    "There's a disconnect between what employers think attracts employees to their company and what actually attracts employees. Go figure." So wrote my colleague Phil Stott on this blog earlier this week, in reference to a recent study that found companies are experiencing significant problems attracting and retaining top talent.

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    What if you were told that the economic collapse was your fault? And that if you had used sounder judgment and a longer-term view when making strategic decisions, perhaps your company would have been much more sustainable today?

  • Do you work for a company that offers unlimited paid time off? Mind boggling but true for a whole 1% of U.S. employers as of 2010, according to a WorldatWork survey.