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    Britain should use the euro zone debt crisis to renegotiate its position in the European Union, an independent think tank set up by UK business leaders told CNBC.

  • In turn, the "Mad Money" host thinks global prospects look brighter.

  • Pulse of M&A in 2012

    Steve Crawford, Centerview Partners co-founder & partner, discusses the role of private equity in the U.S. economy, and also what the latest developments in Europe mean for U.S. markets and deal-making.

  • Greece to Destroy Euro Zone?

    Insight on how the global markets will respond to the S&P downgrades of several Euro Zone economies, with Kevin Ferry, Cronus Futures Management, and Marchel Alexandrovich, Jefferies International sr. European economist. "Greece is that one big uncertainty that can destroy European markets," says Alexandrovich.

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    The United Kingdom will retain its triple-A credit rating this year thanks to the Bank of England’s policy of quantitative easing and demand for UK gilts, City-based analysts told CNBC.

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    Italy’s prime minister has pleaded for Germany and other creditor countries to do more to help lower his country’s borrowing costs, warning there would be a “powerful backlash” among voters in the euro zone’s struggling periphery if they did not, the Financial Times reports.

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    The United Kingdom is likely already back in recession and may see unemployment approach three million before the end of the year, economic think tank the Ernst & Young Item Club forecast on Monday.

  • Exclusive: Greek PM on the Euro Zone

    CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera sits down with Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papademos to discuss the country's ongoing negotiations with the private sector and Greece's place in the euro zone.

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    In May 2010, the Eurozone crisis began with turmoil in Greece. In spring 2012, new turmoil in Greece will frame the end-game of the Eurozone itself.

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    The European Central Bank left interest rates on hold on Thursday, as its President Mario Draghi defended its use of ultra-long loans and said they had helped avert another credit crunch.

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    Thursday’s meeting of the governing body of the European Central Bank (ECB) will happen as calls for the central bank to take further action to solve the euro zone debt crisis by acting as lender of last resort for troubled countries increase.

  • Recession in Germany?

    New economic data out of Germany shows even the economic heavyweight is starting to get hit by the slowing economy, with CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera.

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    European Union leaders wanted to conclude negotiations on the euro zone's new bailout fund

  • Fitch Ratings

    David Riley, head of sovereign ratings for Fitch, has advised the European Central Bank to ramp up buying sovereign debt, and that the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF) should be allowed to borrow money from the ECB. Hey, thanks for the advice. Now go back to your cubicle.

  • Money in Motion: Euro Flat vs. Dollar

    George Davis, chief technical analyst at RBC Capital Markets, weighs in on the euro's slide on more dire news out of Europe.

  • Global Markets Update: Euro Zone Entering Recessionary Territory?

    European shares close solidly higher as Wall Street rallies. European commodity stocks are boosted by Alcoa's outlook. The ECB meets Thursday: the Euro zone enters recessionary territory. Fitch says it doesn't foresee cutting France's AAA rating this year. Fitch also says countries under review, like Italy and Spain, could be cut one or two notches. Germany's Merkel and the IMF's LaGarde are slated to meet today in Berlin. Philips says European weakness will hurt its Q4 profits. The Bank of France says the

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    The euro lifts, the French and German leaders meet, and the Swiss go shopping - it's time for your FX Fix.

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    There is a 'low probability' that the euro zone will break up because the costs to debtors and creditors are just too large, Philip Poole, Global Head of Macro and Investment Strategy at HSBC Global Asset Management told CNBC Monday.

  • European Central Bank

    Commercial banks' overnight deposits at the European Central Bank hit a new record high of 464 billion euros, data showed on Monday, and traders said they could hit half a trillion euros by next week.

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    Crosscurrents from Europe, a gaggle of Fed speakers and the start of earnings season in the coming week will provide a critical test for markets in the new year.