Global Markets 2011 - Special Report

Anna Edwards

Anna Edwards
Co-host of Capital Connection

After seven years in the City, Anna Edwards joined CNBC as a producer in September 2003. She is now co-host of "Capital Connection " and a presenter on "Squawk Box Europe ."

Before joining CNBC Edwards worked in the European equities department at UBS. Specialising in the aviation sector, she analysed Europe's airlines for global clients through some challenging times. Prior to joining UBS Edwards spent four years at PricewaterhouseCoopers as a Management Consultant, where she also qualified as a Chartered Management Accountant.


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    I have never been a natural pessimist so here are some snippets of positive reaction to keep your half-full glasses topped up, writes CNBC's Anna Edwards following an agreement on a second Greek bailout.

  • NY Stock Exchange Traders

    Stock markets have been caught in a gloomy place for much of May. Despite some gung-ho risk-on days the overall trend for risk assets has been lower.

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    CNBC's Anna Edwards discusses how Ireland can learn a few lessons from Latvia. Eastern Europe throws up some fascinating examples that Dublin might like to study as Ireland battles to keep its fiscal independence, she says.

  • CNBC went on the road this week to Central and Eastern Europe, a region that a year and a half ago was sending shockwaves through markets as some analysts were predicting its collapse.

  • The Palace of Westminster, home of the UK Parliament in London.

    The UK is bracing itself for the big squeeze. On Wednesday we will find out just where the axe will fall as the government tries to get its fiscal house in order.

  • The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) in the US has warned that unless policymakers act, then growing budget deficits will cause debt to rise to unsupportable levels.

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    I am feeling a bit gloomy. I started this sovereign debt crisis looking on the bright side but now I have been got at. So many of our guests at CNBC are downbeat right now, that the downdraft has been hard to dodge.

  • Government Regulation

    A year is a long time in the markets and it seems to have been long enough for global policymakers to forget they promised to work together on financial regulation.

  • Protectionism is not good for anybody and could hurt trans-Atlantic relations, the chief executives of EADS and Northrop Grumman told CNBC referring to the largest-ever tanker deal, which last week was reopened by the US department of defense.

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    Warren Buffett told reporters in Italy today that the high price of oil doesn't really affect his investment decisions.  In response to a question from CNBC Europe's Anna Martin, Buffett said that while oil does affect his operating businesses, it has a similar effect on his competitors.  "There's a real impact on society, but not much on our investment decisions."