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    The days of company pensions are long gone for most workers; that is why investing in an annuity can be an appealing strategy for retirees.

  • Aug 26- A U.S. judge has ruled against investors who accused Paris- based AXA SA of charging excessive fees on variable annuity products, in one of the rare such cases to go to trial. District Judge Peter Sheridan in Trenton, New Jersey, said late Thursday that the investors did not show that AXA breached its fiduciary duties by keeping most fees charged for mutual...

  • CHICAGO, Aug 11- Next week marks the 10th anniversary of a landmark federal law with a hopeful name- the Pension Protection Act of 2006. Sponsors of traditional pension plans have been dropping them like hot potatoes- many do not want to carry pension obligations on their books, and some complain about the rising cost of insuring plans through the Pension Benefit...

  • WASHINGTON, May 31- China's Anbang Insurance Group has withdrawn its application for its planned acquisition of Fidelity& Guaranty Life after failing to provide information requested for processing the deal, New York state's financial services regulator said on Tuesday. Privately owned Anbang agreed to buy U.S. annuities and life insurer Fidelity in...

  • May 3- MetLife Securities Inc will pay $25 million to Wall Street's industry-funded watchdog in a settlement stemming from misconduct related to switching customers' variable annuities, the regulator said on Tuesday. The sanction includes a $20 million fine and $5 million to be paid to customers, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority said.

  • May 3- The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority has sanctioned MetLife Securities Inc. $25 million in connection with variable annuity sales, the regulator said on Tuesday. The sanction, agreed to in a settlement, includes a $20 million fine and $5 million to be repaid to customers, FINRA said. The fine is FINRA's largest related to variable annuities, the...

  • Investors hand over $40 million

    Hundreds of clients trusted one woman running an annuity investment business, but she was running a scam, reports CNBC's Andrea Day.

  • Retire well: How to not outlive your money

    CNBC's Sharon Epperson talks about annuities and how it will help with your retirement saving.

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    With the median account balance under $19,000, 401(k) plans are failing as a safety net. Here's what happened.

  • New Retirement Calculus Gives New Life to Tricky Annuities

    For years, Americans found a lot to dislike about annuities, calling them complicated and expensive. Though some experts say not that much has changed about the insurance product, fundamental changes in the average American's financial outlook have given new life to annuities.

  • Cash in a trap

    After suspending further contributions, Prudential Annuities will likely be paying out far less than policyholders had expected.

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    With more people worried about the finances of retirement, the concept of a guaranteed income stream for life  is gaining in popularity.

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    The government wants to make it easier for workers to convert part of their 401(k) savings into an annuity that would pay guaranteed income checks for life — no matter the ups and downs in the markets.

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    Some people who are unprepared for retirement respond with a strategy known as “Hurry-Up Offense” retirement. This entails scrambling like mad at the 11th hour to find something to live on. It’s less than ideal, but sometimes a well-planned nest egg simply doesn’t exist.

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    Ameriprise Financial examined where consumers are most confident about retirement. Many expressed a nagging sense that they hadn’t saved enough money to keep them afloat. They’re right to worry, but they still have time for corrections.

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    Withdrawing money from a retirement account can carry a high price. Besides jeopardizing long-term savings, withdrawals can incur a 10 percent penalty. Still, if you’re in a financial pinch there are some options for cracking your nest egg that are better than others.

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    The big events of our lives often carry big price tags, and even though they're usually highly anticipated, it's difficult to be fully prepared — emotionally and financially. Here's some tips.Handling life changes takes prudence and planning along with perseverance.

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    After seeing old age or illness deplete their parents life savings, more baby boomer are signing up for long-term care coverage.

  • Getting to Know Annuities

    Outlining what investors should know about annuities if they are looking for guaranteed income for life, with Jim Schlager, Moss Adams Wealth Advisors.