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  • Will Diamond Prices Recover in 2012? Wednesday, 18 Jan 2012 | 10:02 AM ET
    Flawless pear-shaped 72.22-carat diamond

    Rough diamond prices are likely to recover from the lows of last summer and will gradually increase over the course of 2012, although the improvement is likely to be volatile and dependent on growth in Asian demand and U.S. consumer demand, RBC markets said in its 2012 Diamond Outlook report.

  • european_union_crack2_200.jpg

    Standard & Poor's will cut the credit ratings of Italy, Spain and Portugal by two notches and downgrade France and Austria by one notch, a French newspaper said Friday.

  • european_union_200.jpg

    Successful Spanish and Italian auctions of shorter-term debt offered a welcome breather for crisis-weary European bond markets on Thursday, but analysts warned that the sale of 10-year bonds will provide a more accurate indication of market sentiment.

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