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  • Positive on China

    Adrian Zuercher, executive director and head of asset allocation for Asia at UBS, says tier-one and tier-two cities are seeing more activity, indicating an abundance of liquidity.

  • Negative rates

    Negative rates can work in smaller countries, such as Sweden, but not in the world's third-largest economy, argues Adrian Zuercher of UBS.

  • Tackling overcapacity in China

    Default cases are rising and the government may not be able to bail all of them out, warms Pu Yong Hao, partner and chief investment officer of Fountainhead Partners.

  • Reserve Bank of Australia

    Despite strong GDP growth, demand still remains weak, warns James McIntyre, Australia chief economist at Macquarie.

  • Tesla Q1 Earnings

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk is focusing more on manufacturing instead of design, points out Cathie Wood, CEO & CIO of Ark Invest.

  • Hilary Clinton will be the democratic nominee: Basham

    Trump is slowly pivoting to a more presidential and statesmanlike rhetoric now that he has effectively clinched the GOP nomination, explains Patrick Basham of the Democracy Institute.

  • Australia to balance budget

    Mathias Cormann, finance minister of Australia, explains how the new budget will make the country's tax system more growth friendly.

  • Corporate Tax Rate to be cut

    Lowering corporate taxes will stimulate growth and bolster small businesses in particular, explains Tim Reed CEO of cloud accounting software company MYOB.

  • Can Australia's new budget keep its flag flying high?

    Australia unveiled a budget package high on new taxes but low on measures to boost sagging growth. Economists don’t seem that convinced.

  • Rise of Blockchain Technology

    Phang Yew Kiat of Credit China Holdings explains the firm's decision to invest $30 million for a 6.4 percent stake in blockchain infrastructure provider BitFury.

  • Australian Budget Deficit

    The RBA is tracking other major central banks in pushing interest rates towards zero, according to Tai Hui of J.P. Morgan Asset Management.

  • United States elections

    Trump will likely win California, West Virginia and New Jersey, making him the presumptive Republican nominee, warns Matt Mackowiak of Potomac Strategy Group.

  • Cruz suspends bid for President

    Investors should not underestimate the impact of political developments in the U.S. and Europe, warns Tai Hui of J.P. Morgan Asset Management.

  • Sports Perfecta launches fantasy jockey platform in US

    Hiro Watanabe, CEO of Sports Perfecta, explains the launch of its 'Daily Fantasy Jockey,' a fantasy sports game for horse racing enthusiasts.

  • Bank of Japan

    Financing government debt with zero-coupon bonds is a potential solution, explains Sean Darby, global head of equity strategy at Jefferies.

  • What a trump presidency will do for markets

    Trump's anti-trade views could spell trouble for emerging markets, warns Sean Darby, global head of equity strategy at Jefferies.

  • Australia Real GDP Growth

    The 2016-2017 budget is one that the government wants the electorate to forget about, explains Nick Xenophon, independent senator.

  • United States Politics

    Following news of Ted Cruz's exit, Stephen Shakespeare of YouGov discusses the odds between Clinton and Trump.

  • Is the US market rally over?

    If U.S. stocks were to revisit their high of May 2015, central bank decisions will be key, says Tom White of RED Option Advisors.

  • Bangladesh Fin Min

    Abul Maal Muhith, finance minister of Bangladesh, discusses the country's series of violent deaths and the hack on the central bank.

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