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  • Philippines economic fundamentals

    The economy is on solid footing regardless of who becomes the next president, says former finance secretary Lito Camacho, who is currently APAC vice chair at Credit Suisse.

  • China-North Korea border

    CNBC's Eunice Yoon reports from the Chinese-North Korean border on the lives of the orphans stranded in China when defector parents disappear.

  • Maesrk Line

    While the company's first quarter results were as expected, Robbert Van Trooijen, APAC CEO of Maersk Line explains which business areas need more progress.

  • Rise of fintech

    Banks are coming under more scrutiny while internet companies are enjoying a looser regulatory environment, points out David Gaud, senior portfolio manager at Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management.

  • Japan's monetary experiments aren't working

    David Gaud, senior portfolio manager at Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management, explains qhy he's taking a wait-and-see-approach to investing in Japan.

  • Asia Markets

    Asian stocks were jittery on Friday as investors awaited the April U.S. non-farm payroll numbers.

  • Dreamworks gross profit

    Dreamworks is driving their consumer product and television business but their new media segment still needs some growth, says Stan Meyers of Piper Jaffray.

  • Alibaba Q4

    There is a growing disconnect between Alibaba's ability to sell products and its means of bringing value to the brand, says Chi Tsang, head of China internet research at HSBC.

  • Trump to CNBC: I am for low interest rates

    Edward Dempsey, chief investment officer at Pension Partners, explains how the jobs report will impact wage growth, corporate earnings and subsequently, markets.

  • Running in the family: Mouawad

    The Mouawad brothers are the fourth generation driving their family's 126-year old jewelry business. CNBC's Hadley Gamble sees how they are bringing innovation to the brand.

  • Investing in retail, travel and E-commerce

    Alibaba and are some of the best stocks in the sector, according to Christian Magoon, CEO of Amplify ETFs.

  • Gold

    Ian Murray, executive chairman of Gold Road Resources, discusses plans for the year ahead and why he's so confident on the firm's Gruyere Project in Western Australia.

  • Future of Advertising

    Brendon Cook, CEO of oOh!media, explains how the advertiser isn't worried about the disruption occurring in media, adding that the firm is introducing new technologies to improve audience engagement.

  • Positive on China

    Adrian Zuercher, executive director and head of asset allocation for Asia at UBS, says tier-one and tier-two cities are seeing more activity, indicating an abundance of liquidity.

  • Negative rates

    Negative rates can work in smaller countries, such as Sweden, but not in the world's third-largest economy, argues Adrian Zuercher of UBS.

  • Tackling overcapacity in China

    Default cases are rising and the government may not be able to bail all of them out, warms Pu Yong Hao, partner and chief investment officer of Fountainhead Partners.

  • Reserve Bank of Australia

    Despite strong GDP growth, demand still remains weak, warns James McIntyre, Australia chief economist at Macquarie.

  • Tesla Q1 Earnings

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk is focusing more on manufacturing instead of design, points out Cathie Wood, CEO & CIO of Ark Invest.

  • Hilary Clinton will be the democratic nominee: Basham

    Trump is slowly pivoting to a more presidential and statesmanlike rhetoric now that he has effectively clinched the GOP nomination, explains Patrick Basham of the Democracy Institute.

  • Australia to balance budget

    Mathias Cormann, finance minister of Australia, explains how the new budget will make the country's tax system more growth friendly.

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