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  • Expect further slowdown in China trade: Expert

    Alex Wong, director of asset management at Ample Capital, expects weak August trade data to trigger further monetary and fiscal stimulus from Beijing in the coming months.

  • Mizuho CEO: China isn't the 'killer factor' for Japan

    Yasuhiro Sato, president & Group CEO of Mizuho Financial Group, explains why he is not worried about China's market turmoil, as well as how the slowdown in China could impact Japan's economy.

  • Asian stocks poised for near-term bounce: Pro

    Kirk West, Asia CEO at Principal Global Investors, says it's time to reduce underweight calls on Asia, adding that he sees opportunities in North Asian markets such as Taiwan.

  • Riding to success: Meet Philippines' Nyfti Bicycles

    The massive traffic jams in Manila may be a nightmare for most people, but for the team behind foldable bicycle Nyfti, it was where their business idea originated from. CNBC's Pauline Chiou reports.

  • Why the outlook for oil remains bearish

    Vandana Hari, Asia Editorial Director at Platts, says China-related woes and the weakening in Asian currencies against the dollar are weighing on the demand for crude oil.

  • This will spark a rate cut in Taiwan

    Given that weak data are largely expected, Taiwan's central bank is more likely to cut interest rates if financial markets become more volatile, says Raymond Yeung, senior economist, Greater China at ANZ.

  • China is already in recession, says this expert

    Wayne Peters, founder & CIO at Peters MacGregor Capital Management, explains why China's economy is "probably already in recession."

  • Japan's economy remains fragile: Economist

    Japan's economy contracted in the second quarter despite the absence of natural disasters or economic issues, underscoring its fragility, says Takubi Okubo, principal and chief economist at japan Macro Advisors.

  • Abe wins second term and that's good for Japan: Pro

    David Kuo, CEO of The Motley Fool Singapore, says the winning of a second term by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will ensure that quantitative easing in Japan continues.

  • We will get a US rate hike this month: Motley Fool

    David Kuo, CEO of The Motley Fool Singapore, says the Fed has to "get the [rate hike] out of the way" hence they are likely to go ahead with an interest-rate hike this month.

  • China considers circuit breakers to curb market volatility

    China's stock exchanges are planning to introduce a circuit breaker system to keep a lid on market volatility. CNBC's Emily Tan has more.

  • Asian shares mostly fell on Monday, as nervousness prevailed following China's wild swings and last Friday's sell-off on Wall Street.

  • Will China continue its market intervention?

    Andrew Collier, MD of Orient Capital Research and Andy Rothman, investment strategist at Matthews Asia, discuss the odds of further stock-market intervention in China.

  • Why China's yuan devaluation remains puzzling

    Andy Rothman, investment strategist at Matthews Asia, says the policy confusion regarding the Chinese yuan is "disturbing."

  • China's market turmoil isn't much of a rout: Pro

    On a year-on-year basis, the Shanghai Composite is outperforming the S&P 500 index, says Andy Rothman, investment strategist at Matthews Asia.

  • Are investors losing faith in Beijing?

    Richard Jerram, chief economist at the Bank of Singapore, says the wild rides in China's financial markets are undermining the confidence that people have in the policymakers.

  • China data will be weak in September, October: Pro

    David Gaud, senior portfolio manager at Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management, outlines the factors that will likely weigh on China's economic data in the near term.

  • Fed may err on the side of caution: Economist

    Richard Jerram, chief economist at the Bank of Singapore, says the Fed may delay policy tightening "by a little longer " to ensure that financial markets remain stable.

  • Here's the best advice for commodity traders

    Jonathan Barratt, chief investment officer at Ayers Alliance Securities, says recent volatility suggests that the market is trying to find a base hence commodity traders may want to start adopting long positions.

  • How Australia is coping with China's slowdown

    Joe Hockey, Treasurer of Australia, says weakness in the mining sector will likely be offset by Chinese investment in Australia's property sector.

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