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  • HK property isn't slowing because of Fed: Churchouse Letter

    Peter Churchouse, author of The Churchouse Letter, says Hong Kong's property market is slowing because of higher supply and cooling measures taken by authorities.

  • Yuan weakening occurred relatively naturally: Investor

    Joshua Crabb, head of Asian equities at Old Mutual Global Investors, discusses China's journey to a freely-floating exchange rate and says it makes sense that the yuan has weakened.

  • Fed hike has little impact on our borrowers: Dealstruck

    The Fed liftoff is a positive sign for the U.S. economy and it will have a nominal impact on our borrowers, says Robert Riedl, head of capital markets at online lending site Dealstruck.

  • Yellen deserves an A for delivery: Investor

    Janet Yellen deserves an A grade for delivery but only time will tell whether the Fed's policies work, says Jeff Knight, global head of investment solutions and asset allocation at Columbia Threadneedle Investments.

  • 'EMs offer extremely interesting valuation levels'

    Karine Hirn, co-founder and CEO of East Capital, says emerging markets have reacted positively to rate hikes in the past while valuations relative to developed markets also look attractive.

  • Why the Fed statement may be positive for EM: East Capital

    The word "gradual" was heard repeatedly in the Fed's statement which is a positive for emerging markets, says Karine Hirn, co-founder and CEO of East Capital.

  • HK property market: Time to take a breather?

    Herbert Hui, CFO of K. Wah International, says he expects consolidation or even a correction in the Hong Kong property market next year after seven years of rising prices.

  • 'Fed still has a lot of room to unwind'

    The Fed still has room to raise rates and unwind its balance sheets to combat inflationary pressures, says Jared Bernstein, a former member of President Obama's economic team.

  • The market is happy about Fed rate hike: Strategist

    Investors can start trading on "the things that matter" without worrying about the Fed, explains JJ Kinahan, chief strategist at TD Ameritrade.

  • The Fed did the right thing today: Ex-Dallas Fed head

    The Fed's rate hike and the dovish tone that accompanied it was the right thing to do, says Robert McTeer, former president of the Dallas Federal Reserve.

  • Debate on HK's property market after Fed liftoff

    Jackson Wong, associate director at Huarong International and Nicholas Brooke, chairman of chairman of Professional Property Services Group, discuss the Fed hike fallout effects on Hong Kong's real estate market.

  • Will Fed hike hurt HK property market?

    Nicholas Brooke, chairman of Professional Property Services Group, explains why a likely Fed rate hike will only have an initial knee-jerk reaction on Hong Kong's property market but no serious impact.

  • 'Making a billion dollars is easy, keeping it is hard'

    James Purcell, head of ultra high net worth cross-asset strategy at UBS Wealth Management, discusses the various ways billionaires destroy their wealth.

  • I hope the Fed will hike more than once: Investor

    Multiple Fed hikes will help improve investor sentiment, explains William Ma, CIO of Noah Holdings Hong Kong.

  • Ted Cruz has to go on the offensive: Frank Lavin

    Frank Lavin, former U.S. politician and Mike Jackson, chief marketing officer at Event Solutions International, discuss the GOP's presidential candidates and the 'Donald Trump' brand.

  • Ex-US politician: The Fed called it right

    The Fed had to wait for an accumulated set of data over quarters to determine the U.S. economic health before hiking, says Frank Lavin, chairman of Export Now and a former U.S. politician.

  • Fed hike is a big deal for investors: Fundstrat

    Thomas Lee, founder and head of research at Fundstrat Global Advisors, says a higher interest rates environment has not existed for a decade and signals confidence in economic growth.

  • Asian markets closed mostly down after selling off on Monday, with some energy stocks seeing a rebound after oil prices rose in the U.S. session.

  • China and Russia have trouble trusting each other: Stratfor

    Although there are various advantages of Russia and China working closely, they have trust issues with each other, says Rodger Baker, east Asia Director of analysis and VP of strategic intelligence at Stratfor.

  • 'China is very nervous about the Fed'

    Andrew Collier, MD of Orient Capital Research, explains why the Chinese are nervous about the end of easy liquidity as the Fed looks set to raise interest rates.

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