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  • Should investors jump into Asian markets?

    Michael Preiss, executive director at Taurus Wealth Advisors, says the dollar might stabilize against weak Asian currencies, and Asian markets could see a recovery.

  • Oil prices jump on Middle East geopolitics

    The political tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran adds to risks of oil supply disruption, explains Neil Beveridge, senior oil and gas analyst at Bernstein.

  • Saudi Arabia is in a retaliatory mood: Expert

    Kamran Bokhari, author of "Political Islam in the Age of Democratization" explains that there could be a connection between Saudi Arabia's execution of Sheikh Nimar al-Nimr and the death of pro-Saudi Syrian rebel leader Zahran Alloush.

  • Here's why US markets may do well this year

    Based on past statistics, U.S. markets have performed reasonably well in the run up to presidential elections, explains Sean Darby, global head of equity strategy at Jefferies.

  • Dollar still has wind in its sails: Rabobank

    Michael Every, APAC head of financial markets research at Rabobank, explains why he is still bullish on the dollar, but says there are huge risks if the U.S. economy slows or if the Fed stalls on raising rates.

  • Here's a one-of-a-kind McDonald's restaurant

    CNBC's Bernie Lo reports on the most "un-McDonald's" McDonald's restaurant in Hong Kong.

  • This is DJ Don Diablo's signature style

    Don Diablo, renowned DJ and producer who is in Singapore for the Siloso Beach Countdown, discusses how playing his own music sets him apart from the crowd.

  • Making sense of Malaysia's turbulence in 2015

    Wong Chen, member of parliament in Malaysia, says the 1MDB scandal had affected not only Malaysia's political landscape but has weighed on its economy as well.

  • A potential silver lining to the energy slump?

    Historically, lower oil prices have spurred economic growth, therefore investors will be on the lookout for a growth story next year, explains Frank Troise, MD at SoHo Capital.

  • Oil will fall to $20 levels before recovering: McGraw Hill

    Oil is heading towards a "pretty ugly" Q1 and Q2 in 2016, with prices potentially bottoming out at $20/barrel levels before recovering, says John Kingston, President and Director of Global Market Insights at McGraw Hill Financial Global Institute.

  • '2016 won't be a big year of rotation'

    After the Fed finally hiked rates in December, investors are going to take their time before making their next moves, notes Andrew Sullivan, MD of sales trading at Haitong International Securities.

  • Stocks showdown: Baby boomers vs millennials

    Baby boomer stocks such as Comcast, Carnival Cruise, Constellation brands and Costco, will breakthrough in 2016, says John Augustine, CIO of Huntington Wealth & Investment Management.

  • These are the latest workplace design trends

    Martin Lee, principal at Hassell, says there is a growing trend for "activity-based workplaces," a concept that means work spaces are designed for specific tasks.

  • LNG market was oversold: Citi

    The natural gas market had been trading near 17-year lows, but January is typically when demand peaks, says Tim Evans, energy futures specialist at Citi Futures.

  • AEC will be a gradual process: HSBC

    The ASEAN Economic Community is the most ambitious project that the association has undertaken,but policies will be implemented in phases over years, says Frederic Neumann, MD and co-head of Asian economics research at HSBC.

  • OPEC's strategy was a big, costly mistake: Strategist

    Robert Rapier, chief investment strategist at Investing Daily, says maintaining production levels has cost OPEC around $500 billion this year, but it may pay off if U.S. shale oil producers are forced to shut.

  • Find a solution to Middle Eastern politics: HSBC

    There had been multiple spillover effects from the Middle East this year, from the migrant crisis to oil prices, says Frederic Neumann, MD and co-head of Asian economics research at HSBC.

  • Tech sector to drive secular bull market: Oppenheimer

    The tech sector's strong performance could be a trend that lasts for years, notes Ari Wald, executive director and head of technical analysis at Oppenheimer & Co.

  • Fight for Ramadi is not over yet: Stratfor

    Iraq still has to clear improvised explosive devices left by militants around the city, and the threat from ISIS remains, explains Sim Tack, director of analytical support and military analyst at Stratfor.

  • Here's why Apple is set for a challenging 2016

    Apple's iPhone sales, which account for two-thirds of total revenue, have not been stellar as more people hold onto their old models, explains Bob O'Donnell, founder of Technalysis Research.

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