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    Ahead of the new year -- always the season for financial reckoning -- we offer a look at these common mistakes, and ways to stop making them.

  • Two old women chat outside their homes in Hutong XiSi, one of the old neighborhoods in Beijing, China.

    China seems destined to become the world’s biggest pharmaceutical market; however, whether the profits multinational corporations realize will be similarly attractive remains very much in doubt.

  • The Euro crisis has affected every part of the European economy, even in the rarified market of mega-yacht rentals in the Mediterranean. A glut of yachts for rent, coupled with the slowing global economy and the Euro crisis, is creating unprecedented bargains in the charter yacht business this summer. Yacht brokers say there are roughly 750 boats over 100-feet long docked on the shores of the Med this summer waiting for customers – twice the number of previous years. And there simply aren’t enou

    The slowing economy has led to some unprecedented bargains in the charter yacht business. Click ahead to see what kind of yacht is for rent at a discount this summer.

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    The worsening outlook for the BRIC nations  – Brazil, Russia, India and China – has put into question whether these leading emerging economies can continue to power global growth.

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    China came up with another set of weak numbers on Friday with two surveys of manufacturing activity showing that economic momentum slowed yet again in May, prompting analysts to say it’s time China got on with revving up growth.

  • China stocks may trade sideways on Friday as concerns about May PMI data could be offset by hopes of monetary easing.

  • December 21, 2012 -- the end date in the ancient Mayan calendar. Will it bring the Apocalypse? See some of the most notorious prophets and doomsday groups in history.

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