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  • People run with there hands up from the Lindt Cafe, Martin Place during a hostage standoff on December 15, 2014 in Sydney, Australia. Police stormed the Sydney cafe as a gunman has been holding hostages.

    Australians offered to travel with Muslim Australians who feared they might be targeted because of their religious affiliations.

  • Sydney hostage stand-off's tragic ending

    CNBC's Mandy Drury says there are reports three people have died after hostages were held at the Lindt Cafe for over 16 hours, and insight to who the alleged gunman Shiekh Haron is.

  • Just the beginning for Australia: Rafiq

    After hostages were held at the Lindt Cafe for over 16 hours, former UK government counter extremism task force member Haras Rafiq of Quilliam Found, weighs in on just what the gunman may have wanted.

  • Police: Cafe siege isolated incident

    New South Wales Police hold a news conference after 17 hostages were held at the Lindt Cafe for over 16 hours. Two hostages died and four others were injured.

  • Footage of Australia gunman Sheikh Haron

    CNBC's Kayla Tausche shows footage of alleged Australian gunman Sheikh Haron.

  • How US preps for potential terror attack

    Former Assistant Secretary for the Department of Homeland Security, Bob Liscouski, discusses how the United States is preparing for, and would deal with a terrorist attack similar to the one that took place in Australia.

  • Social media & security

    Former U.S. Ambassador to Australia, Edward Gnehm, discusses how social media makes it easier for extremists to communicate and carry out terrorist actions.

  • Flash bangs & stun grenades disable gunman: 7 News

    Reporters from Australia's 7 News provide the latest details on the events that lead to the police storming the Australia cafe and taking the gunman down.

  • Sydney hostage siege over: Police

    CNBC's Carl Quintanilla says police are reporting the situation in Australia is over. Mandy Drury reports 2 people are dead and 3 are gravely injured, and there is no word on the state of the hostage taker.

  • Sydney siege: Assessing the danger

    Former NYPD commissioner Howard Safir weighs in on the hostage situation and police strategy in Sydney, Australia.

  • Gunfire rocks Australia café

    CNBC's Carl Quintanilla shows video of shots being fired by police at the Sydney, Australia cafe. Mandy Drury, provides insight.

  • Sydney gunman identity known

    NBC News' Sara James provides an update on the believed identity of the gunman holding hostages captive in Sydney, Australia.

  • Sydney crisis: What we know

    CNBC's Matt Taylor provides insight to what is believed to be a lone wolf armed assailant in a Sydney cafe holding an unclear number of hostages captive.

  • Sydney hostage stand-off

    A gunman is holding an unclear number of hostages inside a cafe in downtown Sydney, reports CNBC's Matt Taylor. Five hostages have emerged, and it is unclear exactly how they fled.

  • A hostage runs to armed tactical response police officers for safety.

    CNBC's Matt Taylor reports five of the hostages inside a Sydney cafe have emerged from the building.

  • Could Australia have predicted this hostage attack?

    Discussing the unfolding events of the Sydney hostage situation, Benjamin MacQueen, senior lecturer of Politics and International Relations at Monash University, discusses whether the Australian government could have predicted this event.

  • Australia Commissioner: 'We're doing all we can'

    New South Wales (NSW) police commissioner, Andrew Scipione told a news conference that the force was continuing to investigate not speculate, and "we're doing all we can" to solve this current hostage situation in Sydney.

  • Five hostages escape from Sydney cafe

    Adrian Di Pasquale, Political Analyst at Internuntia Group, says the people who have escaped from the cafe will provide key information about the hostage taker.

  • Police operation underway after Sydney siege

    Scott Flower, Mackenzie Fellow at the University Of Melbourne, discusses the Australian police's handling of the hostage incident in central Sydney on Monday.

  • Sydney siege may 'involve jihadists': Expert

    Colin Chapman, President of the New South Wales Chapter of the Australian Institute of International Affairs, discusses the hostage incident which took place in central Sydney on Monday.