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  • Time To Get Back Into Diversified Miners: Pro

    Philip Parker, CIO at Parker Asset Management says this is a good time for investors to start getting back into the diversified miners. He says their exposure to Asian growth is a big draw and he prefers BHP Billiton over Rio Tinto.

  • Is Australia's Economy a One-Trick Pony?

    David Degaris, Director & Senior Economist of NAB Global Markets Research and Matthew Circosta, Economist at Moody's Analytics go head to head over the prospects for Australia's economy outside its mining sector. Circosta sees green shoots in the domestic economy while Degaris is still concerned about Australia's transition away from the mining and resources sector.

  • VMA Deal Good For Bank of QLD's Growth: CEO

    Stuart Grimshaw, CEO of the Bank of Queensland says the company's A$40 million acquisition of Virgin Money Australia will provide it with good growth outside Queensland. He says it's also opening the bank up to a younger demographic.

  • 4 Billion Years Down Under

    A new mini-series premieres this week on PBS called "Australia's First 4 Billion Years." Dr. Richard Smith, the host of the show, offers insight.

  • Look For Growth Outside Australia: Expert

    Scott Maddock, Senior Analyst at Macquarie says the markets have got a head of themselves, and that Australian fundamentals aren't as good as the rally suggests. He says investors must seek opportunities in companies focused outside of Australia.

  • Australia's trade deficit shrank by much more than expected in February to its smallest in 14 months thanks to higher prices for resource exports, a likely boost to profits and incomes that also gave the local dollar a lift.

  • Doha Bank's Expansion in Australia

    Raghavan Seetharaman, President & CEO of Doha Bank, talks about the company's recently-opened Sydney office - the first for a bank from the Gulf region.

  • India: Biggest Risk in Asia

    Michael McCarthy, Chief Market Strategist at CMC Markets says slowing growth and rising inflation in India makes it the biggest risk in Asia. He expects an extreme cooling of growth in the country.

  • How to Play the Australian Dollar

    Nicki Hutley, Director of Economics at KPMG tells CNBC's Cash Flow how to play the Australian dollar in the wake of the RBA's latest policy meeting.

  • China's Growth Story Still Strong, Australia's Monetary Policy on Right Track: Pro

    Paul Bloxham, Chief Economist for Australia and New Zealand at HSBC, says that monetary policy in Australia is hitting the bull's eye in terms of the government's desired targets. He also describes why China's growth story is showing no signs of losing steam as he expects growth to touch north of 8%.

  • ASX will hit 5200

    Angus Geddes, Co-Founder & CEO of Fat Prophets shares his outlook for the Australian stock market and tells CNBC's Cash Flow which stocks he likes.

  • A contribution rate close to three percent, the lowest in the advanced world, is just one reason why American workers lag behind other developed countries in retirement savings.

  • Australia's Labor Party Anticlimax

    Peter Chen of the University of Sydney says the near-embarassing result of Prime Minister Gillard's leadership vote reveals the state of disarray in the ruling Labor party.

  • Australia's Volatile Politics

    Tom Averill, Managing Director at Rochford Capital discusses Australia's political situation just after former PM Kevin Rudd announced he will not run in a Labor party leadership vote.

  • Moving Away from Bonds to Cyclicals: Pro

    Brad Partridge, Portfolio Manager at Macquarie Private Portfolio Management tells CNBC why investors should rotate from bond-like stocks to those with domestic cyclical exposures.

  • Small Caps the Same as Big Caps?

    Patrick Noble, Senior Investment Specialist at Zurich Australia tells CNBC why small caps are his pick of the moment.

  • RBA.jpg

    A surprise jump in Australia's job numbers in February, the biggest increase in over a decade, had many market watchers close the door on more rate cuts, but one economist says the possibility of easing stays alive.

  • Australia: Where Should You Put Your Money?

    Ben Clark, Portfolio Manager at TMS Capital tells CNBC about which Australian stocks to invest in and why. He also says that he doesn't think there will be any more rate cuts.

  • NAB: Why RBA Still Has Further Room to Ease

    Alan Oster, Chief Economist at National Australia Bank explains why February's strong jobs data does not change his rate cut expectations from the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA).

  • What Lies in Store for Europe & Australia?

    Nick Verdi, Director of FX Strategy, Asia Pacific, at Barclays says Italy will likely get a Bersani-led coalition and fresh elections at the end of the year. He also explains why the U.S. still looks better than Australia despite its spectacular employment numbers.