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  • Tesla Model S

    As expected, 2011 has been a relatively quiet one for electric car maker Tesla. But the absence of major product and corporate news has not scared off investors and Wall Street. Actually, there's been a steady rise in Tesla shares and increasingly positive comments about where the company is headed.

  • Gas-guzzlers

    As the White House, EPA, NHTSA and automakers hash out new fuel efficiency standards scheduled to be finalized by September, investors would be wise to stop focusing on the automakers and dial in to the implications for parts suppliers.

  • Wireless Driving

    Insight on what automakers are allowing drivers to use without being distracted, with Brian Cooley, CNET.com.

  • BMW 5 Series

    With sales picking up around the world, and especially in China, BMW is revving up growth expectations. For the German luxury auto maker, we are in a expansion cycle for the entire industry, but especially luxury auto brands.

  • car_dealer_handing_keys_200.jpg

    Halfway through the year and with the economy once again slowing down, auto makers and dealers are re-thinking their once ambitious forecasts for sales this year. For much of the first half of this year, auto executives were confident the industry would sell just more than 13 million cars, trucks and SUVs this year.

  • In 1970, Janis Joplin sang “Oh  Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes-Benz?” When she did, it’s unlikely that she had thought through the full implications of her request, and it was a good bet that she had failed to take into account the total cost of owning such a vehicle. What about gas mileage? What about the cost of repairs or insurance, not to mention depreciation and taxes?Anyone considering the purchase of a new automobile has to think about more than just the sticker price, and ask how much

    Anyone considering the purchase of a new automobile has to think about more than just the sticker price, and ask how much the car is going to cost them to own.

  • Ron Bloom, the White House's Assistant to the President for Manufacturing Policy

    The lawmakers want to get to the bottom of whether or not Bloom, who is viewed as an ally of the unions, ever said that he directed White House policy on automakers on behalf of unions.

  • GM Headquarters

    Shortly after I tweeted "Morgan Stanley replaces Ford with GM on best investment idea list as it upgrades N.A. auto sector" on Wednesday morning, I was boarding a flight when another person on the flight recognized me and took the opportunity to bash GM.

  • Options Desk: MS Bullish on Autos

    GM to rally on near-term earnings revisions, with Brian Stutland, Fast Money trader.

  • In the very least, it's the best turnaround story in a generation.

  • Optimism on Car Sales

    Jessica Caldwell, Edmunds.com, discusses new car sales and whether there's significant reason for optimism

  • Toyota car grille

    For the last year and half, Toyota has stumbled badly. Now, with Japan's auto industry rebounding and auto sales improving in the U.S., Akio Toyoda is charting a rebound.

  • ford_dealer_sign_flag_200.jpg

    Looking to drive American? You might wind up in a Toyota Camry or Honda Accord. In fact, as the latest ranking of cars and trucks "Made in America" shows, it's not always Big 3 models with the most parts and labor coming from here in the US.

  • traffic1.jpg

    With the White House and regulators informing automakers that they intend to push for fuel economy standards in the US to rise to an average of 56.2 MPG by 2025 you can count on an industry to push back and say "slow down."

  • South Korean oil counters may have posted solid gains in recent trading sessions due to firmer oil prices but CLSA warns that the sector "in trouble."

  • 2010 Prius

    Cars are not supposed to be a good investment. But Spencer Hunter, an Oregon patent lawyer, recently turned a small profit selling his 13-month-old Toyota Prius., the New York Times reports.

  • Ford F-150

    Ford the first time since Ford CEO Alan Mulally took charge of the automaker, its initial quality scores have fallen below the industry average.

  • The executive talks about Ford's future prospects and shares his thoughts on the economic recovery.

  • Trade

    A funny thing happened on the road to globalization.  It became a two-way street, not a one-way trade superhighway for the developed economies.

  • And the "Mad Money" host has two ways to play it.