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    With electric cars and plug-in hybrids generating more buzz than ever before, a new study by J.D. Power drives home a bit of reality about the green wave rolling into showrooms. J.D. Power surveyed more than 4,000 potential car buyers and what did they find: For Most Consumers, Cost Matters More than the Environment.

  • Car Manufacturing

    High production costs and supply constraints caused by the Japanese Earthquake could slow any nascent revival in UK manufacturing, according to the Confederation of British Industries.

  • Only he explains it's not so much what, as it is who.

  • Toyota headquarters

    Toyota is recalling about 51,000 of its Tundra trucks to inspect rear drive shafts that may include a component that could break.

  • Ford CEO on Earnings

    Discussing Ford's earnings and its successful turnaround with Alan Mulally, President & CEO, Ford Motor Company, and CNBC's Phil LeBeau.

  • Ford President and CEO Alan Mulally (L) and Executive Chairman William Clay Ford unveil a new 2011 Ford Focus during the press preview of the North American International Auto Show at the Cobo Center in January, 2011 in Detroit, Michigan.


  • Autonation Revs Up

    Breaking down the better than expected numbers, with Mike Jackson, AutoNation chairman/CEO.

  • Hyundai

    Within a week Hyundai will roll out its latest promotional campaign, and it has the potential to cut through the clutter and make Hyundai stand out from the competition. It's a variation of the Hyundai Assurance program with a new hook. This time, instead of agreeing to take back your car if you lose your job, Hyundai is now guaranteeing how much your new Hyundai will be worth when you trade it in 2, 3 or 4 years from now.

  • With gas prices on the rise across the country and around the world, automotive manufacturers are retooling their vehicles to perform better. How far are some auto manufacturers willing to go to stretch a gallon of gas?The 2011 New York International Auto Show rolls into town this year with more fuel-efficient vehicles across the market, giving buyers an array of choices to choose from. Whether it is a turbo diesel SUV or an electric hybrid sedan, they are trying to offer something for everyone

    Whether it is a turbo diesel SUV or an electric hybrid sedan, the 2011 New York International Auto Show has something for everyone.

  • A year ago you would have scoffed at the possibility. Not anymore. And among auto executives there's a growing concern that when gas hits $4.50 a gallon sales will dramatically shift to smaller, more fuel efficient cars.

  • Summer Sales Slowdown?

    Discussing pressures on the auto industry, with Mark Fields, Ford Motor President of the Americas, and CNBC's Phil LeBeau.

  • Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn addresses a press conference at the Shanghai Auto Show.

    Earnings at Japan's automakers are likely to be hit by the ongoing supply shortage of components. Japanese auto executives attending the motor show in Shanghai, many speaking at length for the first time since the quake, said they have yet to grasp the full impact of the disruptions.

  • Raj & the Govt. Rest

    Gas prices reach a tipping point, gold prices reach a record level, and Raj Rajaratnam reaches for… well, just reaches. Here's what we're watching…

  • 2010 Prius

    Although Toyota's manufacturing plants in Japan are intact, the automaker has reduced its production facilities both here in the US and in Japan to 50 percent, Bob Carter, head of North American sales for Toyota, told CNBC Tuesday in his first interview since Japan's devastating earthquake .

  • Daniel Akerson, Managing Director of The Carlyle Group

    With shares of GM slipping under $30, there's an interesting, and potentially troubling question, for GM and it's investors. How much further will the stock drop?

  • GM to Raise Car Prices

    General Motors is saying it will hike the price of its cars by $123 becuase of high commodities prices, with CNBC's Phil Lebeau, and Daniel Akerson, GM Chairman & CEO.

  • The 2011 Ford Flex

    Ford Motor said it expects as much as a quarter of its sales to come from battery-powered cars by 2020 as it readies to roll out more hybrids, plug-in hybrids and pure electric cars. It also plans to introduce 15 new car models in China by 2015.

  • 2012 Volkswagen Beetle

    When you update an iconic car, it's a win/lose proposition. Sure you win with the instant name recognition, but if you screw up the re-design you lose big time.

  • Petrotech Oil Purification Unit Onsite

    The three-decade-old technology for industrial systems is not only affordable, but generates revenue for companies that use it — assuming they know about it.

  • Ford F-150

    As recalls go, it's a whopper — 1.19 million Ford F-150's and a select number of Lincoln Mark LT vehicles are being recalled by Ford due to airbags that may deploy inadvertently. Under CEO Alan Mulally, this is one of the largest recalls at Ford. A rare black eye for a company that has steadily improved its quality and reliability over the last five years.