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  • The Mad Money host says we should feel confident in this recovery. Here’s why.

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    Demand for the 'Cash for Clunkers' program has slowed down since the government extended funding for the program, butthe industry is still improving, General Motor's Fritz Henderson told CNBC Monday.

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    New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has issued cease-and-desist orders to nearly 40 auto dealerships for running misleading ads about the "cash for clunkers" program.

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    One month after exiting bankruptcy and vowing to do business differently, GM is going on-line as it strives to improve its bottom line. The auto maker is teaming up with eBay to sell new cars on line in the state of California. It's a deal the two companies have been working on for a few months and it should be a win/win.

  • GMAC Financial Services says it will offer a leasing option on select vehicles to drivers in 45 states.

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    For Steve Feinberg, the onetime owner of Chrysler, the past year has been a crawl toward defeat. He lost billions of dollars. He lost prestige. He lost his privacy. And he ended up a ward and supplicant of the federal government, The New York Times reports.

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    General Motors says it aims to register 3.5 billion shares of stock for a potential public offering sometime in 2010.

  • Stocks rallied Friday, bringing their winning streak to four straight weeks, after the latest employment numbers showed signs of a stabilizing job market.

  • Stocks rallied Friday after the latest employment numbers showed signs of a stabilizing job market.

  • The Consumer Assistance to Recycle and Save Act (CARS), aka The Cash for Clunkers program, is intended to help U.S. residents get a $3,500 or $4,500 credit toward purchasing a new, more fuel efficient vehicle when trading in a less fuel efficient vehicle. The hugely popular program quickly exhausted it's $1 billion appropriation in less than a week and the Obama administration quickly acted to add an additional $2 billion to keep the program afloat.Although there are several  a "clunker" vehicle

    See the most popular trade-ins and new vehicles purchased under the CARS program, according to the Transportation Dept.

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    If they say it, it must be so ... On Thursday Goldman Sachs said that since inventory liquidation has been so pervasive, the second half of 2009 will see stronger growth as that liquidation process is reversed...We have been feeling the same for some time.

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    They were waiting down at Gibson Chevrolet near Chicago for a couple of five-gallon cans of sodium silicate — liquid glass, they call it — to poison and kill the clunkers when the latest condemned car pulled up.

  • Futures jumped Friday after the latest employment numbers showed signs of a stablizing job market.

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    Ever since Washington first signed off on Cash for Clunkers, I've heard a steady chant of criticism about the program....While I've heard all these concerns, I'll be honest that there are very few I agree with.

  • Stocks fell for a second straight session Thursday as tech stocks dragged after Cisco's tepid outlook and investors remained jittery ahead of tomorrow's jobs report.

  • Stocks pulled back Thursday after a higher open as Cisco dragged on the Dow.

  • Everett Dirksen (late Senator from Illinois) used to think $1 billion was a lot of money. "A billion here, a billion there and pretty soon you're talking about real money" he said in a famous hearing in the 1950's. It now seems a drop in the bucket when you think about a $787 billion stimulus package and a $1.8 trillion budget deficit.

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    General Motors's product development chief says the company will introduce a plug-in rechargeable midsize sport utility vehicle sometime in late 2010 or in 2011.

  • Stock index futures pointed to a mixed opening Thursday, with the tech-heavy Nasdaq futures faring the worst after Cisco's chief executive was cautious on calling a bottom.

  • Stocks ended lower Wednesday, despite a late attempt at a recovery, as disappointing readings on the service sector and employment situation, as well as a cautious outlook from Dow component P&G, fueled concerns about the economic recovery.