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  • The Bank of Japan has begun paying banks for lending them cash in a sign the central bank is reaching the limits of its power to reflate the economy.

  • 'Sweet spot' for Japanese stocks: Pro

    Ian Wright, director of Morant Wright Management, says Japanese equities are in a "sweet spot".

  • Trader on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

    The Federal Reserve is increasingly expected to send a more hawkish message when it meets next week.

  • U.S. and Japanese flags are displayed at a foreign exchange firm in Tokyo.

    After months of going nowhere, the dollar has started to take off against the yen, and pros say this is just the beginning.

  • As balance sheet grows, what more can BOJ do?

    With the Bank of Japan already on an "extreme expansionary trajectory", further easing could be difficult, says Geoff Lewis, Global Market Strategist at JP Morgan Asset Management.

  • The Bank of Japan drove a short-term interest rate below zero, a dramatic step in its already unprecedented effort to stoke inflation.

  • BOJ facing rising pressure to take action: Pro

    Paul Krake, Founder, View from the Peak: Macro Strategies, says Prime Minister Abe and the ECB are increasing pressure for the Japanese central bank to do more.

  • $100 dollar bills

    The stronger dollar may have stolen the headlines this week, but a closer look shows that it's not in fact a broad dollar rally.

  • Why the BOJ held back on further easing

    Masayuki Kichikawa, MD & Chief Japan Economist at BoA Merrill Lynch, says the central bank is banking on corporate profitability and wage growth to lift spending.

  • Bank of Japan headquarters in Tokyo, Japan

    The Bank of Japan (BOJ)refrained from announcing fresh stimulus despite signs the economic recovery is sputtering.

  • The Bank of Japan will maintain its massive monetary stimulus on Thursday and argue that the bigger-than-expected hit from a sales tax rise will be temporary.

  • Why 'wait and see' is BOJ's best move for now

    Naomi Fink, CEO at Europacifica Consulting, explains why the Bank of Japan can still afford to hold fire on further monetary easing.

  • Trader on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

    But if the stock market finishes this month with another advance, TJM's Jim Iuorio tells CNBC he's ready to throw in the towel on his correction call for now.

  • Why BOJ won't budge on easing until Q2 2015

    Dominic Bunning, FX Strategist at HSBC, says July's inflation figure still trends above expectations, which will underpin the Bank of Japan's confidence in a recovery.

  • Japan still not seeing desirable inflation: S&P

    Paul Sheard, Chief Global Economist, Standard & Poor's, says Japan is still not getting the right kind of inflation and explains why the tax hike could be a headwind to recovery.

  • ECB vs BOJ: Which central bank will ease first?

    Don Hanna, Asia Managing Director of Hanna-Roubini Global Economics, explains why the Bank of Japan will introduce stimulus before the European Central Bank.

  • A deluge of Japanese economic data on Friday is set to influence expectations on whether the Bank of Japan (BOJ) will top up its stimulus program.

  • Japan still has more growth potential: Pro

    Simon Cox, MD & Investment Strategist, Asia Pacific at BNY Mellon Investment Management, highlights the key points from Bank of Japan governor Haruhiko Kuroda's speech at the Jackson Hole Symposium.

  • Despite weak data spurring doubts over whether Japan's economy is really recovering, property investors remain keen on the market.

  • The dollar is strong and things could heat up even further for foreign exchange as global central bankers convene in Jackson Hole.