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    I'm requesting that you send me the most entertaining political ads of the season.

  • S&P pushes over resistance. Last week, I noted that 85 percent of company's reporting were beating earnings estimates. And yet, the S&P stalled out at about 1185 as we moved into earnings season.

  • Reports from two industries—electronics and gaming—indicate that both those businesses have improved, but long-term challenges are quite severe.

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    In Washington, the election outcome is a foregone conclusion – a solid GOP victory in the House, well in excess of the 39-seat magic number, with the Democrats narrowly retaining the Senate. Not only is this outcome conventional wisdom inside the Beltway, but it appears to be fully priced into the markets as well.

  • Stocks are inching their way closer to new highs this morning as the S&P is less than 3 percent away from its April closing high of 1,217. S&P futures are pointed towards a higher after the weekend’s G-20 meeting of finance ministers produced few details and little concrete results, although the financed ministers promised to avoid any currency wars.

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    Facing the prospect of big Republican gains in Congress, President Barack Obama is sending voters a mixed message: He says he sees opportunities to work with the GOP after Election Day yet warns Washington could be consumed by gridlock if the opposition takes control.

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    The US economy may be faltering, but many big names in American manufacturing are going from strength to strength, reports the Financial Times.

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    Maine’s economy has always been reliant on its wealth of natural resources, and one in particular: water, first as a hub for shipbuilding and dam-powered factories, and now as a site for renewable energy.

  • Open cast mining for iron ore.

    Governor Brian Schweitzer is a farmer, rancher and soil scientist first. Businessman and politician second.  Schweitzer runs his government like a ranch: with careful planning and ample saving.

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    More than 60 percent of all Fortune 500 companies, and 50 percent of all American corporations, are incorporated in Delaware, said the state’s Governor Jack Markell. 

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    The falling dollar's strong grip on financial markets has inflated market expectations for the G20 meeting Friday and Saturday in South Korea, which is already showing signs of ending with little more than a few loose promises.

  • Steve Jobs and Barack Obama

    President Obama met with Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in California Thursday, leading CNBC to ask the question — who's cooler?

  • U.S. Senator Bob Corker (R-TN)

    President Obama's health care reform bill signed earlier this year is not working and will ultimately be dismantled, said Republican Tenn. Senator Bob Corker.

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    The falling dollar's strong grip on financial markets has inflated market expectations for the weekend G-20 finance ministers meeting in Korea, but the gathering is unlikely to end with little more than a few loose promises.

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    Politically, female respondents were more gentle on the Obama Administration and more critical of Republican responses to the White House., according to a new CNBC All-America Survey. And the two genders are definitely split on the issue of regulation and the Tea Party.

  • Stocks are advancing modestly as earnings are handily beating expectations, but some stocks that have had fabulous price runups-recently are down.

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    The American dream appears increasingly elusive to the average citizen, with the CNBC All-America Economic Survey finding continued high levels of pessimism in the nation’s outlook for incomes, home values and the future of the economy.

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    Headlines on jobless claims and the Philadelphia Fed survey compete with a rush of earnings news Thursday.

  • Stocks Wednesday regained just about all of their losses from yesterday. And hovering at the highs of the day, stocks were little changed following the release of the Fed’s latest Beige Book report.