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  • On last night’s Kudlow Report I asked Sen. Jon Kyl his thoughts on President Obama’s first one hundred days and whether he believes that government is taking over the economy.

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    President Obama's first hundred days are nearly over, and his supporters are already suggesting that he is the greatest president ever. Hmm. Of course, only history will tell. But my single greatest concern remains Mr. Obama's moving the country away from democratic free-market capitalism toward a big government, command-and-control vision of our nation's economy.

  • As mentioned earlier this week, a number of companies this week have signaled some stabilization in conditions, with some even hinting of a bottom.

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    President Barack Obama swept into office with a lofty promise to bridge the capital's fierce partisan divide. Easier said than done.

  • Another see-saw day for stocks; bottom line is April is mostly a sideways month, with the major indices in a fairly narrow trading range.

  • Plus, the Mad Money host tells us who the real burger king is.

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    Credit card executives meeting with President  Obama argued that rules proposed by the Federal Reserve are adequate to protect consumers, but Obama believes more should be done.

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    The government is increasingly likely to convert a $13.4 billion loan to GM into equity, giving taxpayers a big stake in the struggling auto maker, sources told CNBC.

  • President Barack Obama says his administration is creating the first U.S. program to authorize offshore projects to generate electricity from wind and ocean currents.

  • On last night’s Kudlow Report I spoke with Rep. Jeb Hensarling about his thoughts on Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner’s TARP testimony and Team Obama’s overall handling of the banking system and economy.

  • The Fed plans to release results of the stress test on May 4. Nobody is going to "fail" the test, but some may need capital, private or otherwise. There should also be some word as to how much capital would be needed.

  • A daunting litany of ills imperils U.S. banks, from toxic assets to rising loan defaults. After the irritating spectacle that played out in Washington yesterday, we can add a new threat: the Congressional Oversight Panel tracking TARP.

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    President Barack Obama is going on the road to pitch his energy plan—as well as environmentally friendly jobs production—in a hard-hit Iowa town, while administration officials make a similar push back in Washington.

  • Chairman And CEO of Universal Health Services, Alan Miller writes, "Now that President Barack Obama has made healthcare a priority for his administration, we should all hope that his plan to provide greater access to health insurance and lower the cost of healthcare will also include tort reform for medical malpractice lawsuits."

  • As the President prepares to sit down with top credit card execs, an industry representative tries to explain the motives behind the crackdown on interest rates and credit limits.

  • If the rest of the industry is petrified of President Obama’s cap-and-trade plan, why not this company? Cramer taps the CEO for an answer.

  • Stocks ended higher Tuesday as investors were encouraged by comments from Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner that most banks are well capitalized.

  • Art Cashin, UBS Financial Services director of floor operations, offered CNBC his take on traders and the market Tuesday.

  • How far will the Obama administration move to assert regulatory control over key sectors of the economy? Are we moving away from democratic capitalism, and toward some sort of corporatist state-directed economy? That could be the biggest stock market and economic-growth issue facing us today.

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    The subprime mortgage crisis is for the most part over. Now the second housing crisis is upon us. Too much debt, too little income.