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  • Futures pared their losses Wednesday after a tame inflation reading. Futures had started off the day on negative footing after FedEx delivered a lower-than-expected outlook and a report showed mortgage applications plunged last week. FedEx said its earnings outlook was lower than Wall Street anticipated.

  • President Barack Obama is set to unveil his plans to overhaul financial regulation Wednesday in a bid to address the causes of the current financial crisis and prevent the same from happening in the future.

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    President Obama told CNBC the US is not in danger of overregulating the economy and that the Iranian election won't make that much difference in his adminstration's policies toward that country.

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    The financial reform should include some way of separating banks' proprietary trading from commercial banking, although a return to regulation similar to the Glass-Steagall Act would be impractical, legendary investor George Soros wrote in the Financial Times.

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    The leaders of South Korea and the United States told North Korea to drop its atomic ambitions and stop threatening the region while media reports on Wednesday said Pyongyang was moving ahead with plans to launch a long-range missile.

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    President Barack Obama said on Tuesday that auto, beef and other trade issues with South Korea must be resolved before he will ask Congress to vote on a two-year-old free trade agreement with the longtime ally.

  • The U.S. dollar has no concerns right now, said Ron Shah of Jina Ventures. The main concern for the U.S. needs to be bilateral trade agreements between the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) countries.

  • Best Buy: is leading retailers and the stock market lower today: is the Street changing the way it looks at retailers?

  • Futures moved up modestly as May Producer Price Index was up only 0.2 percent, less than the 0.6 percent increase expected.

  • Vince Farrell

    I think Ben Bernanke knows the way out of what could be an inflationary mess, with all the stimulus that is being introduced....I think he knows the way out, and we should let him take it. I'm fearful that the Chairmanship of the Federal Reserve is going to be politicized, and, while we are not worried about near-term inflation, we sure better have a guy who knows the way out when the time comes.

  • Despite what you heard, stocks today suffered a classic technical correction.

  • Investor Spring Cleaning - A CNBC Special Report

    Stocks logged their worst day in a month on Monday as a key manufacturing gauge came in weaker than expected and the dollar made a comeback. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said the financial system was beginning to thaw but the recovery would be slower than usual and unemployment would likely keep rising. Read and listen to what the experts had to say…

  • Big volume coming: it's time for the Russell reconstitution, and this one will be large. Every year at the end of June, the Russell reconstitute their series of indices.

  • President Barack Obama addressing the American MEdical Association.

    President Obama pushed hard Monday for a health care overhaul, saying the system is "a ticking bomb" for the budget that could propel America down "the route of GM" without a legislative fix.

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    We're all funding the Great American Bailout. So where's your check? Three guys in Austin who were having a few brews at the local pub were asking just that. Being true Americans, they decided if they couldn't get a bailout, they'd make a bale of money by mocking the bailout.

  • Investor Spring Cleaning - A CNBC Special Report

    Stocks opened lower on Monday after a key manufacturing barometer showed factories continue to suffer in the slumping economy. And IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn said that the worst may be yet to come for the global economic crisis. Read and listen to what the experts had to say…

  • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, president of Iran

    A world wary of Iran's nuclear program reacted cautiously Saturday to hard-line leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's hotly disputed re-election. Some expressed hope that the Islamic republic's president will soften his defiance and warm to recent U.S. overtures.

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    President Barack Obama is ready to roll out an overhaul of the intricate rules and systems that govern America's troubled financial institutions, proposing the most ambitious revision since the Great Depression.

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    The long-running and personal feud between Mr. Dugan and Ms. Bair is now helping to shape President Obama ’s attempt to revamp financial regulation aimed at preventing the regulatory lapses that contributed to the economic crisis.

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    President Barack Obama is seeking to help pay for his health care plan by sharply reducing the government's medical spending, mainly by trimming payments to prescription drugmakers, hospitals and other care providers.