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  • US Army Blackhawk helicopters sit on the tarmac with US Air Force C5A transport jets in the background at Baghdad International Airport.

    The U.S. 4th Stryker Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division—the last withdrawing unit of U.S. combat troops in Iraq—is crossing the border into Kuwait early Thursday, local time, NBC reported.

  • Abercrombie, down 8 percent, beat estimates and posted a decent 5 percent increase in same store sales, but inventory levels, up 47 percent, were a shocker.

  • woe_is_housing_200.jpg

    As the Obama administration hosts a housing conference to address the role of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, we should remember that homeownership’s promise was ruined by Wall Street’s recklessness, not by federal policy. To fix the nations’ affordable housing policy, we support bringing the GSEs to their former public-private status, but with some key changes.

  • This is going to be one nail-biter of a back to school season: It looks like the consumer is going to buy VERY LATE. And by the way, the largest pure-play potash producer in North America is not Potash, it's Intrepid Potash (IPI), which also traded up about 12 percent pre-open.

  • Vineyard Golf Club in Martha's Vineyard

    The Vineyard Golf Club, where President Obama may soon play, is thought to be the U.S.’s only organic course, reports The New York Times.

  • Alki David

    A billionaire who last week launched a dare for people to stand naked in front of US President Barack Obama has just raised the stakes for the prank to $1 million from a previous $100,000.

  • Deflation is coming and Americans should be alarmed.

  • Barney Frank

    The sinkhole that is Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is not a function of those firms making new loans that have gone bad, but the continued “bleeding,” says one key lawmaker, from previous loans made before the crisis that are still going belly-up.

  • The Housing Fix -- A CNBC Special Report >> See Complete Coverage

    Homeowners who are deeply in debt but are current on their mortgage payments should be allowed to refinance without documentation, an investment adviser suggested on CNBC Monday.

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    Without government backing, some large investors have said they would stop buying mortgage bonds, which would be catastrophic both for the housing market and the broader economy, the FT reports.

  • Eighteen months after promising to work in a serious, bipartisan way to address a looming fiscal threat, the President’s first foray on the issue was a peripheral, partisan attack intended to frighten older Americans on the eve of election season.

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    My question of, "When will this end?" needs to be answered swiftly. The chain reaction of events if the pool continues to be tapped could be very harmful to all investors.

  • Detroit Skyline

    After a dismal period of huge losses and deep cuts that culminated in the bailout of General Motors and Chrysler, the gloom over the auto industry is starting to lift.  The NYT reports.

  • President Barack Obama

    President Obama delivered a strong defense on Friday night of a proposed Muslim community center and mosque near ground zero in Manhattan. The NY T reports.

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    In response to criticism by many in Congress that it should have added GSE reform to the financial reform bill, the Obama administration has repeatedly said the housing and mortgage markets are simply too fragile right now to weather the inevitable storm that debate would entail.

  • Dynegy

    Earlier this week Dynegy Energy was down 22 percent, but now the stock will be up very sharply with the $4.50 per share in cash deal, which represents a 62 percent premium to the closing share price on August 12. The total value of the deal is $4.7 billion—this includes existing debt

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    If you’re running a company, do you notice a loss of productivity, caused by one or more of the following changes? Your staff won’t travel or may be uncharacteristically cantankerous and uncooperative in that they refuse to tackle what they usually do routinely—sales calls, closing deals or meeting clients for lunch.

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    Death may still be certain, but taxes have never been less so. The NYT looks at our uncertain future.

  • Determined to show a commitment to stopping the flow of illegal immigrants, the Senate convened a special session Thursday and passed a $600 million bill to put more agents and equipment along the Mexican border.

  • Barnes and Nobles

    Barnes & Noble released a statement saying, they were "unable to conclude an agreement on mutually acceptable terms" with one of its top investors', Ronald Burkle and his holding company— specializing in private equity investment—Yucaipa.