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  • Stocks were under pressure Monday as a dismal jobs report last week and expectations for a gloomy earnings season nagged at the market. But the Dow turned positive as investors took advantage of the selloff and did some bargain hunting.

  • Russian President Medvedev and President Obama

    Russian President Dmitry Medvedev says the summit with President Barack Obama is a "first but very important step" toward revitalizing relations between Russia and the United States.

  • First page of the US bankruptcy filing for General Motors Corporation

    A bankruptcy judge has ruled that General Motors can sell the bulk of its assets to a new company, but it appears the ruling will be appealed by a Chicago law firm.

  • I have been warning clients for about two months that the mid-June-mid-October time period is the danger zone for a mood shift, and it looks like we're on schedule.

  • Stocks briefly pared their losses after a report showed improvement in the service sector.

  • After the long Independence Day weekend, futures indicated a lower open for Wall Street as second thoughts about the U.S. economy's recovery spooked investors after last week's worse-than-expected nonfarm payrolls numbers.

  • bond_insurance.jpg

    The Founding Fathers left one legacy not celebrated on Independence Day but which affects us all. It's the national debt.

  • Government officials claim the refi plan has been extremely successful, far moreso, they admit, than the modification program. But clearly it wasn't doing enough, or they wouldn't have widened the parameters of elligibility.

  • Office of Management and Budget Peter Orszag

    When you throw in a short-armed consumer and the massive deleveraging of both households and businesses, an ugly fiscal picture begins to take shape with deficits exploding beyond the already huge projections put forth by the White House.

  • Freddie Mac

    That's right, your loan can be a full 25 percent more than the current value of your home, and Fannie and Freddie will gladly buy and/or back your new refi.

  • BBB_Badge.jpg

    Insurance on $300 million worth of paintings by Mark Rothko and Alberto Giacometti can get pretty expensive. Just ask Ezra Merkin, the disgraced financier who is fighting civil charges from N.Y. Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.

  • The recovery in general is spotty. I believe it is underway, but "less-bad" news is losing its ability to inspire stock-buyers. The recession is over, in my mind, but the nature of the recovery is still to be determined.

  • Markets are beginning the week on a positive note amid very light volume ahead of the long holiday weekend.

  • Lack of influence in Washington is hurting this sector.

  • Cramer interviews Glenn Tullman to find out if this favored Mad Money stock is still worthy buying.

  • Green Invests Here | See Complete Coverage

    It's an open question whether the Waxman-Markey climate bill will do anything to reduce global temperatures, but there's no doubt congressional supporters will feel the heat during the mid-term elections next year.

  • President Barack Obama

    It has become the trillion-dollar question: can President Obama find that much in spending cuts and tax increases to keep his campaign promise to overhaul the health care system, without adding to already huge deficits? Mr. Obama and the Democrats running Congress are deeply split over the possibilities.

  • Commercial Real Estate

    Amid all the steps the government has taken to shore up the banking system, a recent proposal by the Obama administration to require lenders to retain a stake in securitized loans is a "tremendous game-changer," says real estate mogul Richard LeFrak.

  • Ben Bernanke's 10 AM ET testimony dominates trader talk this morning, and as one trader observed, "Nothing good will come from this."

  • A TARP-funded bank decides to change its pay structure and Obama is none the wiser. No wonder the Mad Money host is outraged.