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    New rules for the largely unpoliced, $450-trillion over-the-counter derivatives market were approved by a key U.S. congressional committee on Thursday in a win for the Obama administration.

  • Social security

    The Social Security Administration makes it official Thursday: There will be no cost of living increase for Social Security recipients next year, the first year without one since automatic adjustments were adopted in 1975.

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    Much work would lie ahead before a bill could arrive on Obama's desk, but action by the Finance Committee would mark a significant advances, capping numerous delays.

  • One of the potential major negatives for US companies doing business overseas was the potential for a tax increase by the Obama administration to raise $200 billion. This was floated as an idea and Jason Furman communicated it to the US international corporate community by saying, "We need the money." This is a theme that will be repeated over and over as Congress and the White House attempt to pay for their programs and to contain the deficit.

  • Healthcare coverage and the hastle of forms

    The health insurance industry deserves what it gets - if only its clumsy actions didn't have such dire implications for the rest of us.

  • Healthcare coverage and the hastle of forms

    A proposed tax on high-cost, or “Cadillac,” health insurance plans has touched off a fierce clash between the Senate and the House as they wrestle over how to pay for legislation that spacerwould provide health benefits to millions of uninsured Americans, the New York Times reports.

  • Job Losses

    The stock market may be up, U.S. service industries may be recovering, banks may be lending again and housing prices holding. But one major piece of the recovery puzzle is still missing: a brighter employment picture.

  • Education

    State officials worked into the weekend as part of the most ambitious effort ever to calculate, in real time, the effect of a government spending program. From 11 jobs repaving a road in Caldwell, Texas, to one job helping run Utah food banks, to states were required to say exactly what became of billions in government aid.

  • Healthy Horizons -- A Special Report

    After months of delays, false starts, and missed deadlines, months after the storied town hall meetings and long-ago deals with the pharmaceutical and insurance industries, you'd think the Senate Finance Committee's expected vote tomorrow on Chairman Max Baucus's health reform bill would at least be...consequential?

  • Unemployment

    The employment crisis is expected to worsen as companies stay reluctant to hire. Many economists expect a jobless recovery, putting pressure on President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats to stimulate job creation.

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    I try to be optimistic about better earnings, a stock market rally and economic recovery. And I’m sticking to my guns. But what we’re seeing right now is pretty darn close to what we witnessed in the 1970s—the rise in gold and inflation really cuts into the stock market.

  • Dow closes at 52-week high, S&P 500 just behind. Big week for commodity stocks, with many up double digits.

  • President Obama

    President Barack Obama promoted a new financial protection agency by saying it would prevent banks from using "ridiculously confusing contracts." He also said the US Chamber of Commerce has made "completely false" claims about the new agency.

  • President Barack Obama

    It must be wonderful to be the beloved Barack Obama, to win laurels not for what you have achieved but for what you represent. To be lionized by an admiring world simply for being yourself. For getting yourself elected.

  • President Obama and Tim Geithner

    The White House is returning to the  complicated task of pushing radical financial regulatory reform through Congress by focusing voters on new consumer protections.

  • Stocks futures have weakened on the stronger dollar... due to Mr. Bernanke's comments that monetary policy could be tightened as a recovery takes hold.

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    The Obama Posse is hellbent-for-leather on a misguided crusade to rein in the one clear growth engine of the American manufacturing economy: high-tech.

  • Home building stocks are recovering from their recent selloff as House Speaker Pelosi is discussing extending--and possibly expanding--the first time homebuyers tax credit.  Congressman Rangel is also saying it should be extended.

  • Kohls vs. JC Penney: battle of the titans. Interesting backstory on the battle between mid-priced department stores.

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    On the final day of the Conservative Party Conference we hear from the man who, if the polls are to be believed, will be the next Prime Minister of the UK.