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  • Job Losses

    The toughest economic problem that the Obama administration faces is figuring out how to create enough new jobs for America’s 27 million unemployed workers. Author Pat Choate offers up his ideas on how to jump-start the economy and get millions of Americans jobs.

  • Andrew Busch

    Here's my view: Obama would only make the trip if he knew Chicago was going to get it. Since his HC/Energy/Fin Reg Reform has stalled, the President needs a victory.

  • Chicago Olympic Candidate Flag

    I'll start by saying that trying to handicap what city will win the Olympic Games is an idiotic exercise. Not all of the 106 voting IOC vote with rationale and sometimes the winner is a product of the order in which cities get eliminated and how those votes are passed on.

  • In a hometown pitch for the world's biggest sporting event, President Barack Obama lobbied Olympic leaders to give the 2016 Summer Games to Chicago, saying the U.S. "is ready and eager to assume that sacred trust."

  • Stocks took another modest move downward right after 1 PM ET. Goldman Sachs John Hatzius has changed his forecast for the September change in nonfarm payrolls to a loss of 250,000 jobs, from the prior estimate of a loss of 200,000 jobs.

  • A new quarter begins with the markets in good shape. Still, the wall of worry never goes away. Big leadership stocks like Apple, Google, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, are struggling to hold on to their upper ranges.

  • Why off the lows? We were down almost 130 points right after the open on the disappointing Chicago PMI-what's moving stocks up?

  • Plus, a play on the cap-and-trade bill.

  • Stocks weaker on Chicago PMI, which came in at 46.1, well below expectations of 52 (anything above 50 shows expansion).

  • Driving while using a cellular phone.

    Opening a government meeting on auto safety, the Obama administration reported Wednesday that nearly 6,000 people were killed and a half-million injured last year in vehicle crashes connected to driver distraction, a striking indication of the dangers of using mobile devices behind the wheel.

  • That's the reason this group recently took such a big a hit, Cramer says.

  • Stimulus Package

    Almost 10-million of stimulus money went toward revamping the Web site that monitors the spending. That's right. The government spending money on how it monitors how it spends money.

  • The Senate Finance Committee has rejected a government run public insurance option-this was expected but there was worry in the past week that a public proposal may gain momentum after some Senate Democrats said a public component may be included.

  • Carbon Tax

    “I’m estimating carbon markets could be worth $2 trillion in transaction value – money changing hands – within five years of trading (starting),” says one federal regulator.

  • Wilbur Ross

    The US economy needs another cash infusion to kicksart consumption and longer term the US has to devalue the dollar to get out of the crisis, investor Wilbur Ross told CNBC Tuesday.

  • Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner

    After stumbling in his transition from backstage player to out-front crisis manager, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has since quieted critics inside and outside the administration. But with the economy still hovering between recession and recovery, multiple tests of his judgment and political dexterity lie ahead.

  • Plus, get calls on IPOs and more.

  • President Barack Obama says Iran is on notice following the disclosure of an underground plant to make nuclear fuel that could be used to build an atomic bomb.

  • Bank

    U.S. commercial banks earned $5.2 billion trading derivatives in the second quarter, as the level of risk eased in the global market for the complex financial instruments, according to a government report released Friday.

  • G-20 Metting in Pittsburgh, PA

    The Heads of State of the G-20 are meeting in Pittsburgh. The meeting will be a far cry from last time they met and the world was facing a meltdown. But the agendas are so vastly different one from the other and the US does not have the economic and financial juice to determine any outcome, so muscle will be flexed and power will be grabbed. Consider the likely agenda items and the road blocks to constructive discussion.