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    President Obama’s recent public support of clean coal and his waning interest in cap-and-trade legislation may not be enough to save the American coal industry from a perfect storm of competitive technology, stricter regulation and growing obsolescence.

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    Behind-the-scenes disputes over huge sums are common in banking, but the standoff between A.I.G. and Goldman would become one of the most momentous in Wall Street history.

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    After insisting for a year that failure was not an option, President Barack Obama is now acknowledging his health care overhaul may die in Congress.

  • I’ll tell you what. Even though the U.S. economy is recovering this year, it’s still a very politically driven stock market right now, based on threatening policies from Washington.

  • The Federal Government cannot endlessly pour money into the economy to create new jobs. Sooner or later it must let the private sector take over.

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    In an effort to create more jobs, President Barack Obama will ask Congress to temporarily expand two lending programs for the owners of small businesses, an administration official said Friday.

  • Why would you ever want to be President? Everyone who comes to the job does so with some vision and dream and quickly has to learn how to dance the dance if anything is to be done. It's harder now than ever with the accumulated debt we have built up.

  • The brutal sell-off on Wall Street on Thursday, which resulted in the Dow losing 4-percent so far year-to-date, could very well be the mythical correction we've been hearing about for months.

  • Optimism on the jobs report is fading. Traders noting that White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said earlier today there could be big revisions in the jobs report out tomorrow. Some are saying total job losses could be near 8 million, as opposed to 7.2 million currently reported. Plus: Is Greece the new subprime?

  • January retail same store sales: how could the numbers be so far off? Retailers, for the most part, reported numbers higher than expected, in some cases WAY HIGHER than expected. How could sell-side analysts, who provide the estimates, be so far off? There's two problems...

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    By all accounts, our current course is unsustainable, and something must be done. Put bluntly, Americans simply require more out of their government than they are willing to pay in taxes.

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    This $100 million A.I.G. bonus story is truly outrageous. This is a company that remains TARPed and bailed out to the tune of a staggering $124 billion in taxpayer dollars. They have already received $230 million in prior bonuses, from the taxpayers.

  • S&P 500 futures lost about 4 points on the disappointing weekly initial jobless claims number. Sovereign debt issues, which popped up again yesterday, are back down in a big way today: Portugal down 3.2 percent, Spain down 2.6 percent, Greece down 1.7 percent. European banks are weak.

  • President Obama announced a $3.8 trillion fiscal 2011 budget proposal. How will it affect the way investors buy stocks and which sectors are the winners and losers? Peter Boockvar, equity strategist at Miller Tabak, and Dan Fitzpatrick, president of Stock Market Mentor, shared their insights.

  • Choppy, choppy, choppy. No other way to describe it. There's plenty of good —  and bad — news today, which is one reason for the trendless market. Consider these 5 things...

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    President Barack Obama sought to rally Democratic lawmakers Wednesday after the loss of a crucial Senate seat, saying it must not weaken their resolve to pass healthcare and financial regulatory reforms.

  • PNC Financial priced a $2 billion secondary offering of 55.6 million shares of common at $54 a share. They are planning to use the money to..?

  • Even if this administration wanted to be serious about fiscal austerity, we would have a massive deficit. As it is, it looks like fiscal 2010's red ink will total over $1.5 trillion. I remember the late Senator from Illinois (of all places), Everett Dirksen, who once said "A billion here, a billion there, pretty soon you're talking about real money." He would freak at the thought of a trillion here or there.

  • The ADP report for January, at a loss of 22,000 jobs (consensus was for a loss of 30,000), was the smallest decline since January 2008, which was the last time there was jobs growth. Then there's dividends — lots of dividends.

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    How in the world can Team Obama say that they're focused laser-like on jobs and economic growth, and at the same time, propose $2 trillion worth of tax hikes for successful investors, entrepreneurs, businesses, banks, and almost anything else that moves?